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Yi Li passes the horse to already was registered marry
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Still be in when everybody for " struggle " in " 80 hind " people when life mood feeling, the emotional life of a few main actors also is frequency spreads a good news, complete ability creative work of purpose it seems that " struggle 2 " content is performed ahead of schedule in reality. After the Tong Dawei before afterwards is early makes public marriage dispatch, a personage of know the inside story discloses by " struggle " the Ma Yili that brushs fire burning love and article are low-key already also recently register marry. Illuminate intimately from KTV, sweethearts necklace is cohabitational news even, the feeling between Ma Yili and article suffers the outside to pay close attention to fully. Although two people are denied for many times, but concern this paragraph " sister younger brother is loved " message or never discontinuous. The hearsay is in what Zhang Li directs early " bright and beautiful garment is defended " in, ma Yili was become with the article that cooperates first " iron brother " , although two people age differs a few years old, but Ma Yili is first-rate however to the impression of this little younger brother. After that two people are patted together " struggle " , although two people are in in drama between the summerly beautiful jade of personate and Xiang Na,have common society only merely, but two people are furtive rapid however incoming telegram, brush a scintilla. Just when this Duan Shi is and rather than,do not pass " sister younger brother is loved " when remaining to confirm, the personage inside circuit divulges two people are current now the already low-key marriage certificate that get, still plan to give birth to an Olympic Games darling this year.

To this, mr Li accepts the agent of Ma Yi 琍 now the news that when the reporter is interviewed, states oneself did not hear its marry. But he introduces, ma Yili since after taking sport in the winter last year because of the body not beautiful answers native place accomplishment, eye forefathers is not in Beijing. Mr Li says the connection between oneself and equestrian Yi Li is fundamental is around the job, but connection is very little recently, complete also to marriage dispatch not know the inside story. And the staff member beside the article expresses to this: "The article is taking sport at present, did not hear the thing that marries about him. Did not hear the thing that marries about him..