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Huo Jia 200 million marry Guo brilliant
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Huo Jia 200 million marry Guo Jing brilliant to occupy Cha Xiaoxin of person of Hong Kong senior media to disclose in broadcasting station program, huo Zhenting held congratulatory meeting for Guo brilliant brilliant a few days ago, one is called " orchid " high-level meeting invites many 10 friend to be celebrated together inside room of place honoured guest. Every consumption is made an appointment with 7000 reach 8000 yuan, so settle accounts also wants many yuan 10. The male friendly Huo Qigang of Guo brilliant brilliant and Zhuling Ling did not see appear, mix besides Guo brilliant brilliant on banquet Huo Zhenting, other it is foreign nationality guest, the way one speaks or what he says of the each one between banquet is very joyous.

The message says, suddenly home plan evens more value the Beijing siheyun of 100 million RMBs, given the bride's side serves as betrothal gift, how does parents of good brilliant yielding crystal enjoy old age. And bridal total expenditure estimates even more 200 million HK dollar. Suddenly home siheyun has name very much in the dweller around, the siheyun of this 500 square metre comes 20 years from have no a person to had lived, and begin to decorate before long before the Olympic Games kicks off, cost many yuan 200 probably, before Ling parts, the Huo Zhenting in construction process and Zhuling come to oversee. According to the report, mr Huo Yingdong old buys next siheyun price to be at that time millions of yuan RMB, estimation already appreciated to cross 100 million yuan now.