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Chinese tradition is bridal and consuetudinary
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1.Eat stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup: Bridegroom is in marry before setting out, the cummer in wanting to reach boudoir with parental brother eats stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup together, express parting, the bride cries.

   2. is denouncedHappy event: After bridegroom and woman home person meet, should hold in holding a flower in both hands to give a room, wait for marry this bride, right now, bridal cummer should block bridegroom intentionally, but the condition wants bridegroom to agree, normally Dou Yigong wraps a ceremony to clinch a deal.

   3. is done obeisance toNot: The bride should knock at the maternity that fasten father to fasten, and bridegroom bows only salute can.

   4. goes outThe door: The bride should run bamboo a horizontal inscribed board by the woman elder member of family with high share of a blessing or black umbrella protects his to go to ceremony car, because bridal the top of head cannot see sunshine, other one party hopes to resemble this woman elder member of family same, live happy and happy life. (note: Prepare bamboo plaque, and above affix happy word)

  5. ceremonyCar: Bamboo plaque but rear cover of park ceremony car.

   6. is respectedFan: Before car of the ceremony on the bride, hold fan to give a bride by a lucky little boy (on park tea tray) the bride is answered give red bag to acknowledge. (note: Prepare to plunge into the fan that has two small red packages)

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