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The contraindication of Chinese traditional marriage
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The superstition of society of Chinese traditional agriculture, all kinds of strange things. But the person that superstition puts in superstition or else 's charge to believe unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease faces marriage, also be unavoidable to respect a tradition, comply with convention a marriage below is no-no,

1, newly-married night before last arrives after bringing a bed, should look for a minor male Tong Hexin man sleeps on the bed together.

Because the tradition thinks " sleep empty bed, not dead husband is dead also wife " .

2, marry that day, to the front of retiring for the night in the evening, all people are far from new bed as far as possible, especially new cannot come up against bedside absolutely, the meeting is ominous.

3, bridal that day, avoid lets a person sit in new bed.

4, bridal that day, the bride cannot lie on the bed arbitrarily, grow disease to be in otherwise bed.

5, the person attend a ceremony of tiger of marriage avoid any of the twelve animals.

6, elder brother's wife of the aunt when conjugal day bride goes out cannot send.

7, when bride of get married day leaves a married woman's parents' home, cry so that heal fierce had healed, because " do not cry to be not sent " .

8, dress avoid of the bride has Piao bag, lest take away carry of money of a married woman's parents' home.
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