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Bridal cake is as formal as what cut cake
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Bridal cake has made one of indispensable stage property on wedding. Cut the performance such as cake to make the most moving appearance in wedding, more and more brides like custom-built cake and very exquisite to cake, that lets us introduce a few common sense of bridal cake!

Once upon a time, the wedding that make, the wheat flour of cake is used to on the head that is dropped in the bride, will symbolize with this lucky with prosperity.

Below same sense, be in Europe, what live jointly as the couple is indicative, newlywed undertakes in wedding cake made a habit be cuttinged at first. Still have such as guest people to express the blessing to newlywed, must eat a bridal cake to wait. Before the couple enters a knife these origin and reason are met by compere to everybody explanation.

A cake

In the right way, circle wait various. In cafeteria, when general wineshop holds wedding, often use.

Respecting cake, although be very easy,envisage star people the large congratulatory cake that appears on wedding, but as the tendency nowadays, the person that custom-built delicacy suckles cake is increasing however. Also to answer the demand of new personality ceaseless reform of as big as each public house concerns this. The advantage of bright grandma cake has, it is OK to cut cake hind instantly deal out guest people edible, new personality divides cake to chat with the guest at the same time to guests at the same time personally etc. Regard wedding as the one part of the show, bright grandma cake can drive a lot of dynamic atmosphere.

2 cake celebrate cake

Compared with a cake, give a person more luxurious sense. Although did not set rostrum, resemble so big cake also can letting every guest see in large assembly room, take a picture also should OK pat.

Decide design cake oneself small-sized cake

The ski field that two people first time meets is made on cake, the scene when playing golf together. Should OK when the banquet cause assembly room climax, in custom-built when also have fun very much.

Feed each other eat cake

Often use at enrolling young marriage banquet of the family member only, or on every desk buy such cake, burn the candle. After cutting cake, new personality feeds the other side to eat cake each other. In Euramerican have a kind of custom, blindfold the double eye of new personality, can feeding cake smoothly the one party in mouth of the other side is in the future the dominant with two vivid life square oh. Should can move solar term atmosphere very much.

Oneself make cake

Can count in guest person much, the assembly room is used below bigger case. One part is bright a baby food made of rice-flour, cutting an egg also is to cut that minute.
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