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Be troubled by bridal chamber to provoke 28 type newly
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The first action: Very familiar with sth
Marry that day, bridal dress is feeble, when making a hole, guest can think method lets new personality each other play game of finger-guessing game-a drinking game at feasts, lose one a punch namely content of jacket of come out body or hand act the role of, until? ? Cannot again fade till.
The 2nd action: Follow a cup of wine high
Incite a bride to let bridegroom be opposite to express her love is deep, think method lets him use high-heeled shoes, drink 3 cups repeatedly.

The 3rd action: Round-table cavalier
Let bridegroom bride take bench to sit to the desktop, compotation is homocentric wine.
The 4th action: The apple of love
To express unbroken love, want a bride to cut an apple to feed bridegroom to eat, dan Ping peel forbids to be cut, if was being broken, punish a bride to grow kiss bridegroom ten minutes.
The 5th action: Want you good-looking
Wanting bridegroom to guess the briefs of the night of bridal newly-married is what color, guess was opposite, bridal present a treasure, want to show little only, express to answer sb's question can; A bad shot, want bridegroom to be worn only briefs " requirement nude Yi Ke " run bridal chamber 3.
The 6th action: Enthusiastic ice cube
Ask bridegroom holds the bride in the arms above all rise, then, good friend the broken ice cube that two 3 people will had beforehand, fall into bridegroom bosom, next everybody embraces this pair of newlywed person together, make new bridegroom cold get satisfy a craving, pop-up jumps down, lest when round room, enthusiastic and excessive.
The 7th action: Ambuscade on four sides
Think method slips into bridal chamber beforehand, hide in check the corner that become aware or almirah not easily, again record good alarm to cry beforehand the tape of fluted noise turns the loudest, timely give off, let this be frightened to new personality go up to jump greatly, and hide the dark picket of throughout a flee, make be troubled by in bridal chamber, wish new personality again " be born early expensive child " .
The 8th action: Love balloon
Bead is counted in balloon of buy of sheet transfer to a lower level, ask bridegroom bride to lay down together, in order to express love faithful, go to be in distress in all.
The 9th action: Overcome a cheongsam opportunely
Put chocolate into bridal cheongsam by woman honoured guest inside " the bride is to sitting of course " , ask check of bridegroom exactly the amount is taken again, do not get less also, ask bridegroom converts otherwise mouth chases bead to search time.
The 10th action: Sweet crisp artful gram
By female good friend, fluid of sweetness of form giving a heart is squeezed in bridal wind with chocolate juice, ask bridegroom is licked in public next taste, have mutual affinity in order to show.
Eleventh action: Bridal chamber lock
Get on door lock of bridal chamber room beforehand, the key hides somewhither or some good friend goes up personally, let bridegroom search again, every cannot be found, the bride must make guest close, until searching till.
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