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Double " 囍 " antecedents
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Now, whenever people marriage manages a wedding always should write on two bright red " 囍 " word, hang before the door, congratulate in order to show. Actually, this is bright red " 囍 " the word still has a background!
According to legend, there was a scholar that calls be pregnant once upon a time, his mug 10 years, go be being driven into Beijing one's deceased father, can take an examination of twice repeatedly, fail in a competitive examination. This year, he returns unwilling to give up, want to try again.
This day, he is transient a hamlet, a pair of couplet was stuck before the door outside the member that see. Before going up, be pregnant looks, this couplet exceedingly is strange, have the first line of a couplet on a scroll only, the second line of a couplet is a piece of red paper however, a word also is done not have. What that the first line of a couplet on a scroll writes is: White vast  of Lu of Chen of exhausted  slope spills Xian Qiao L scrupulously and respectfully! Shelter does Xing cabin chew bend over stamp change caving   to cut into parts joyous does octogenarian  appear excuse me of the hamper below gorge warm up?
Be pregnant is taken an examination of try, get on the road the oddity that see, with be in charge of an examination adult said, after adult of be in charge of an examination listens, burst out laughing, say:
Be pregnant thinks, what adult of be in charge of an examination says is reasonable also, before two, in was not being taken an examination of, this probably also no use, flat become a home to calculate.
On the road that go back, before the door outside the member that be pregnant walks along that again, look, the second line of a couplet returns empty move, he takes out writing, wrote on Na Gong paper rise. Be pregnant is being written, old member outside as it happens came out.
Dragon of this not of the same surname, have an only daughter, be called Long Xifeng, happy phoenix as a child academic, know a book to amount to a ceremony, knowledge is very intimate. In the past, the woman passes 12, 3, parents is getting busy about giving look for husband's family, delectable Feng Fei wants him to search cannot. Long Xifeng arrived 18 years old, wrote this pair of couplet before the door, to now fast a year, also nobody will fill that the second line of a couplet, dragon member outside quite anxious also. Today he comes out beguilement, as it happens sees be pregnant is filling the second line of a couplet of that couplet, in the heart very glad, what see that the second line of a couplet writes only is: Yan of ⒉ of Dun of Yang of  of mulberry of ⒎ of Ni of  of Yu of ⑵ of amine cover with a straw mat rancors! Does Huan of Xi of pain or numbness caused by cold high from ∏ of fierce  of さ of  of ox of twinkling of the sliding weight of a steelyard of pagoda tree of Xing Bo  does mellow  of fear of Xing of Pang of  earth Man predict Sha?
Long Xifeng sees be pregnant grows so that hold out spirit, another listens he talks, give speech uncommon, knowing him is ability has learned person, promised to come down with respect to glibly.
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