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The wedding that lets you is more professional: Choose cameraman
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You smile happily, your close depend on each other, in wedding wonderful momently, sweet instant, a lot of things fleeting, your person unawares, cameraman can help you take these happy hour in wedding.

Abroad won't film marriage gauze is illuminated technically commonly, be in however bridal designed that day put apart a few time, ask professional cameraman to take a picture for them. You also can adopt such method, save a money that films marriage gauze is illuminated to ask a cameraman that takes a picture for fashionable magazine, your marriage gauze is met according to affirmation extraordinary.

The friend that average newlywed person can invite to like photography will take a picture for oneself, but you should communicate a few bridal detail that must take to it ahead of schedule, can consult " bridal photography schedule " , what can leave lifetime otherwise is regretful.

Marriage the cameraman that celebrates a company to be offerred for you, you need to meet with cameraman ahead of schedule, in order to inspect his level.

Inside information

Want to notice when you go seeing a cameraman and he chats:

1. Enquire cameraman groom circumstance and attestation of qualifications and record of service.

2. The photography experience that questions him, level and film style, it is to basically film formal bridal photograph, still can pay the sudden event in patting wedding at any time, or it is two kinds of means can be used.

3. The album that the cameraman that browse has filmed asks to see the bridal picture that has filmed before him.

4. Discuss a few special effects that you are interested in, for instance: Photo handiwork chromatically -- wait in order to achieve special effect through manual chromatically on black-and-white photograph.

5. The watch for an opportunity that he uses inquire and film, and whether should he take the lamp and tripod that day in your wedding.

6. If appear,decide them can technical breakdown have reserve equipment? If cameraman falls ill temporarily whether can somebody is replaced in time.

7. It is clear to ask how do they film for guest, and he attends this one activity to be able to wear what dress.

8. Discuss the detail issue about price: Whether has total prices case included all sorts of items inside? Whether to have standard price-list? Who will have negative? Additional how much is rinsed price?

Help your save money

Be economical is not meant should reduce quality, most the method of be economical is not to want to rinse too much photograph by cameraman. Because if negative is yours, you can be rinsed after at any time again.

Sign a contract

The full name that the contract should include cameraman, filmed exact date and time, film the number of place, assistant cameraman, use reach reserve the type of camera, the amount of film and sort. Still should state pay when can schedule and you see print and final album, all album that should state your place to receive in detail and photo and additional rinsed price. The contract still must keep the full name of the cameraman that goes up to be replaced in the place below emergency.
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