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Drop of marriage of diamond of choose and buy is small stick person
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Company of jewelry of tip of investigate publicly and privately, collect expert suggests, wish the marriage give up that the most high grade be to one's profit chooses inside the range that new people can permit in respective economy.


● marriage give up will accompany next your half a lifetime, avoid to choose too nifty and lovely design, when age grows lest gradually in the future, appear babyish. Marriage give up is " simple it is high namely " the world.

● if economic license, the diamond ring of odd bead (Solitaire Set) it is first selection. 1 carat above most protect price of value, diamond to be begun by 1 carat costly. If the budget is limited,might as well the consideration chooses in a way to differentiate very hard under the diamond naked eye of 1 carat, price is a lot of cheaper.


The weight with equal ● , the circle should appear big than other appearance on diamond vision, also be most the appearance of in a popular style, price is the most convenient. "Fancy Cut " it is the diamond such as form pointing to pear, Chinese olive form, rectangle, because its appearance is distinctive, the meeting when cut is wasteful and fragmentary broken get or take up more gets an area, price is opposite taller. Among them with square / rectangle most occupy get an area.


Ray of ● quadrate diamond is more implicative and low-key. If like quadrate diamond, like again resplendent, optional choose Brilliant Cut (common Yu Zu's mother's green cut) .


Perfect diamond is person of ● old Shanghai " kerosene is gotten " , means says diamond goes out fully faint the La Ying that resembles gas oily blaze. This was to be united in wedlock perfect colour and lustre, clean degree, big diamond that cut worker worker and folds an infrequent ray. The film " Taitannike " medium " Heart Of The Ocean " belong to this kind. But that is the highest grade in highest grade, encounter hard also cannot beg.


● plunges drop, enchase with white metal ring normally, foil the ray that gives diamond. Among them with platinic gold (Platinum) most Jin Gui is the soliddest, it is to be the same as diamond to be represented euqally " the eternity of love is duteous " .
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