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Marriage banquet holds the post of how careful calculation and strict budgeting
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There always are many preparations to work before marrying, not only overtax one's nerves more injury money, let the hang back that young newlywed person looks at, do not know how to should deal with these defray. Although can place a hope,reclaim when dinner customer a few, but can you planish? If cannot planish, the new student is vivid at the beginning, be have to to pay bills nerve-racking? To such bewilderment and angst, " be born marriage Qing Pin " nature is obligatory solved for new people.

Against a rainy day be economical the first

To a pair of new personality, the time of preparatory marriage banquet is longer, the money that saves is more, because you can have enough time to serve the price difference that differs between the project and privilege individually than be opposite,this is, find price of a true sex to compare highest, always compare time pressing, hurry-scurry ground chaos chooses a lot of more ambitious. Resemble besides marriage celebrate company, hotel these places, book every year in different time have corresponding fulfil guest and discount possibly, when Gu Ke of depreciation Shi Caihui is answered with the province many.

How should let marry not deficient money, the most important is to want to calculate clear cost ahead of schedule, cost cent is necessary with secondary, necessary cost is the project that points to to before marrying, must prepare, marry for example gauze of give up of cake, wedding breakfast, marriage, marriage, formal attire, hand holds a flower in both hands to wait; Less important cost is to point to dispensable, the thing that may plan in order to wait again after marriage, for example photography of gauze of honeymoon, furniture, marriage. And main cost also can divide what must be bought and can lease, for example marriage banquet and marriage give up must buy namely, and can lease like marriage gauze. Such programs can let you understand the expenditure that what is extremely urgent, finite money the flower is on edge.

Actually generally speaking, as long as either too exaggerated marriage banquet, newlywed person is last mostly can recumbent case gift planishs, small even earn a bit. When the new personality that so pouch is critical is arranging his wedding, had better act on all principles that conform to the principle of simplicity, not grandiose and wasteful, remembering well, jump over simple wedding, defray can be jumped over little.

Invite guest to have strategy

If young couple funds is limited, natural cannot the person of will all understanding catch the whole lot in an action, the income that should not talk to consider case gift even more will maintain the balance of income and expenses, so at that time, the respect that inviting guest is about to discuss strategy.

Want to ask a friend more above all, ask relative less, normally former in case gift respect more ostentatious, and kin leans possibly ripe sell ripe, give less case gift, so close friend wants to be asked more as far as possible, 8 stalk child hit the distance kin that does not wear to be able to arrive with need not be being asked one by one.
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