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The individual character that diamond appearance represents
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A diamond, a kind of individual character

Weight, quality and spend the value that can measure a diamond completely, and the diamond appearance of the generation after passing lathe work, it is the spokesman of its brilliance, pure beauty!

Be conceived through different design and improve skill, presenting the diamond before the client finally is attitude absolutely of each different. Choosing when plunging drop, besides master afore-mentioned a few necessary diamond knowledge, still need a course for many times to deserve to wear, just can find to according with him temperament, individual character and aesthetic grade really plunge drop.

Main component is diamond appearance the following 7 kinds, every appearance has the nature that it represents again

The most popular kind in circular diamond appearance, have 58 facet. Disposition of kind and gentle benefit virtuous wife fine mother.

Elliptic circle is bright of type be out of shape, the individualist with independent disposition falls in the premise of equal weight.

The net end of diamond of Chinese olive form has a pointed part each. Seek new challenge career woman ceaselessly.

Heart form spends a kind of the most romantic figure in form diamond. Imagination is rich, the artist with exquisite feeling.

Rectangle of square column form is cut grind, bite off 4 horn are acting with echelon facet, have very tall affinity, the facet Yiwei echelon of each margin with higher EQ cuts worker worker. Female.

Appearance of diamond of guttate of pear form water. Lively and optimistic, the spring that gets used to new environment easily.

Square says princess form is cut again grind, light and glitter are particularly strong. Belong to more conservative, self-discipline, play rigorous, the woman of idea careful.