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The wedding that lets you by the flower around
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Do you want to have a romantic wedding? The flower is the most important of course, it is a bride no matter hold flower, bridegroom in both hands the ornamental design on the flower on Niu Konghua or marriage car, table, same cannot little. Do not know from why proceed with? Listen " Changsha marriage celebrates channel " suggest!

   The flower is mandatory


1, prepare a picture

If you go seeing your flower art division and hairstyle division, they can ask you, have the picture of favorite bridal flower, because can help you more so,express your desire. Break up turn over a magazine, browse a few websites, print or duplicate comes down, put in a folder, can see flower art division and hairstyle division so, tell them you like what kind of kind.

2, definite facial expression

If you did not find appropriate picture, irrespective. You need not anxious, you can decide the color fundamental key of whole wedding first, perhaps be not Chang Mingliang's bright-coloured color from complete white. You can be fundamental key with the color of the formal attire of a matron of honour, the choice is the same as the flower of monochromatic department.

3, comply with is seasonal

If you marry in the autumn, you can choose amber, wine, ferruginous color to wait those who abound is tonal; And if if you are in,cold weather marries, you are about to choose to grow green vegetable, or white, argent the transparent color with crystal. Where is the wedding of summer? You can consider the orange with the bright perhaps color of beach volleyball.

4, notice circumstance and place

The flower is visual problem not only, still affecting wedding the atmosphere that day. Want to choose to suit the flower of particular situation and place. For the wedding with formal to daisy, a bit unmindful; And big cardinal rose, too formal to wedding of a seaside.

5, listed detailed list, check.

In your first time and flower art division meets before, all flowers that you should list you like. Very apparent, the flower on car of the holds flower, table in both hands to go up ornamental design that includes you, marriage and the flower that wrap stair armrest.

6, do not let expense perplex you

Although again bright bride needs division of a flower art, you need not worry hold a flower in both hands can wither, the beautiful beautiful bine that wears on the shoulder can hang evening dress bad. Do not let money perplex you; A brillant flower the bouquet that art division can arrange you according to your budget.

   Visit beautiful shop


7, open state of mind

When you go and flower art division talks, want to tell him you like what kind of flower only, it do not like what kind of flower is OK to do not like what kind of flower. Not special and slashing requirement stylist is done intactly according to your idea, because spend art division after all can special major, the proposal affirmation that listens to them seriously is right. Want to maintain open state of mind, should tell them what you want only tonal, let an expert be arranged for you next. To ensure it is the look that you want, you want scrutiny agreement, sign again next.
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