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How collect carefully and maintain plunge drop
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Although every diamond is " Heng Jiuyuan " , but the love that you are not willing to resemble caressing you is same, caress this precious love meticulously to symbolize? Offer words and expressions of the following word sentence, the love to assure you always if main beam clean is new, do not take any pities.

Clean the family expenses method that plunges drop:

1, mix a few gentle abluent and Wen Shui, count diamond ring dip minute,

It is tooth brush dip in hot water bubble is soft, gently scrub plunges drop. Use Wen Shuichong finally

Clean, reoccupy soft cloth wipes moisture clean.

2, with 1 mix family expenses ammonia water and cold water than the scale of 1, get Buddhist monastic discipline to immerse its

After 30 minutes are being made an appointment with in, take out, with soft brush gently rinse. Float in clear water of going from place to place

Wash, wipe after.

3, buy clean cleaner of headgear appropriative liquid, use according to the specification.

Get Buddhist monastic discipline to maintain notice:

▲ does not deserve to wear when plunging drop, place its carefully certainly in casket.

▲ diamond jewelry should be deposited alone, because chafe and be built with other headgear,avoid

Into nick.

When ▲ uses chloric bleacher, should avoid to match Dai Zuan give up. It won't damage diamond, make possibly however bear the bottom that holds diamond in the palm is held in the palm become angry.

▲ makes time of hard work, rough work, should avoid to match Dai Zuan give up.

The treasure manson that ▲ is worth to trust please is cleaned plunge drop.

▲ asks what professional checks you every year to plunge drop, see its inlaid tine foot whether still solid, firm, have Gou La appearance.

▲ gets Buddhist monastic discipline to make value identification for yours, join the personal property in you next insurance.