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How is new personality differentiated and choose plunge drop
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Yearn for Shu Yongyuan's bright-coloured one flower, but it has die of old age momently; Those who hope a suit is dazzing is full-dress, but eventually one day it is met by lay aside and neglect; Yearn for a paragraph of lasting air, but we had had music eventually the story that the person comes loose. Perhaps this can explain why people fears brief, why we advocate true and permanent commitment, why woman most those who long for day and night is give up of Na Mei getting.

     One, error and fact:

● diamond is so costly because they are so infrequent and exiguous,be. This is wrong!

If allow, distributing to be able to furnish in the diamond mine in whole world every every man on the world, woman and every child a diamond. Diamond expensive medium expensive, it is the quality field that makes in diamond as a result of the whole world, having very strict requirement and restriction.

A diamond wants ● the time ability 100000000 is formed. This is right!

Diamond is complete by single element - carbolic element is crystal and those who become is mineral. In the lithosphere in about 200 kilometers, in centigrade 1100 ℃ fall to the high temperature of 1600 ℃ , below the 40 thousand action to 60 thousand atmosphere, in carbolic element relatively centralized place, carbolic brilliant changes diamond. Later, sink as crustal apophysis, or the reason that is volcano, earthquake, diamond was squeezed to give the earth's surface. The age of the natural diamond that extracts commonly arrived 100000000 between 300000000.

● actually the diamond of 80% comes from the whole world only at 7 countries. This is right!

Australia is country of the world's biggest production of diamond raw material, its produce per year a quantity to amount to 17.33 million carat. After Botswana tightens therewith, crop is 12.14 million carat. The 3rd is Russia, for 7.5 million carat. Later ordinal south Africa, Zaire, Angola, Namibia. Just about these 7 countries are furnishing whole world the diamond of 4/5.

And the world's famousest diamond treatment ground and trade the new York that the place is located in the United States, belgian Antwerp, the Telaweifu of Israel, indian Bombay reachs the Bangkok of Thailand.

The biggest diamond on ● world is that vessel vessel is famous " hope " (Hope) . This is wrong!

The biggest diamond that discovers up to now on the world is " Kulina " (Cullinan) .

In January 1905, mine of rice Er diamond is listed in south Africa general, supervisor of a south Africa discovered this when take a walk " flashy object " - Qing Dynasty goes after dust collected on furniture, it is the diamond that is like fist greatly together unexpectedly.

British government buys the biggest diamond on this next worlds with 750 thousand dollar, carry goes to England, gave 1907 flower king Edward 7 worlds, the birthday present that serves as flower king 66 years old.

This diamond is before cut gross weight makes an appointment with 3106 carat; Altogether cut becomes 9 big diamond and 96 small diamond, the gross weight after cut is 1063 carat. Among them " Kulinadi one " the form that it is pear is gotten, weigh 530.2 carat, call " African star " , set the crosier in flower king to go up.
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