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Love marries without debt = happy
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ABBA band calls " money, money, money " , correct path gives your aspirations. You know, you must spend money, be engaged, marry should spend much money. If you just began to make money, that cash amount is not small, but the hand that wants cinch bride, do by what we say, your wedding not only royal and beautiful, and economy is managing.   

About paying fee

Two families sit (or 4 families, contemporary and romantic scene) , discuss how to be divided pay bridal expenditure (you can discover departure talks probably some easier----Perhaps talk with oneself family severally----But good way is everybody Chen Xu viewpoint) this talk very not easy, but blame talk cannot. Major newlywed person oneself bear one part cost, accordingly, according to yourself's ability and accumulate amount.

Begin a plan

Like other thing, you can plan that share that you afford only, tell the other side father and mother, if they want to invite a lot of shirttail, let themselves pay! Want to think carefully.

Economic with the saving

If you a little a bit more managing, you can discover the saving is very easy, restrict the recreational activities that is engaged one year that, him limitation a month sees a movie only

Lease some of cheap building

The friend meets in the home and be being asked more is not to go out to have a meal.

As the proposal, we recommended two equation to give you, plan wedding for you:
1, beautiful bridal not certain expenses is costly,
2, love does not have debt = from now on happy. Finally, wish lucky!