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Teach you number of feast of accurate budget wedding
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One, please relatives and friends gives reply
Should write on post on " give reply please " , ask guest announcement to attend namely. The contact phone that makes clear you and address should be clear about on post, so that the guest replies. If your tentative idea is considerate, but attached Ji of a piece of reply, good after letting relatives and friends fill appropriate, return.
2, call attend really
Phone guest to inquire they are attended personally, provide sincerity again directly. If new personality is too busy give attention to two or morethings is numerous guest, can give dispersedly chip appoint conference member is dealt with for you.
3, order the number that decide banquet explain shrink degree
Should order below " lowest ensures banquet is counted " reach " highest predicting banquet is counted " . If ensure 18 banquet, predict 20 banquet, can add so reduce two seat. In extremely busy wedding day, new personality but will attend rate dozen 8 fold, and average life criterion but beforehand 9 into, best to feed four to consult, and at latest counts at before marriage banquet 3 days of firm seat explain shrink degree.