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Marriage celebrate time
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Before June

·Decide wedding day
·Decide spousal and marriage banquet way roughly
·Decide bridal budget
·Draft dinner guest list
·Choose company of marriage gauze photography
·Searching satisfactory formal attire design to decide formal attire is to order do or lease
·The bride is done protect skin to maintain
·Bridegroom prepares to lease or order do a suit
·Search new residence location, begin decorate to decorate
·Arrange honeymoon journey route
·The checkup before marriage

Before Feburary

·Define bridal ceremony and marriage banquet site
·Accompany man certainly, list of a matron of honour
·Make an appointment film marriage gauze is illuminated
·The decision holds a flower in both hands, head gauze, design hairstyle and try makeup
·Give up of marriage of choose and buy reachs headgear fittings
·So that revise,try on formal attire
·Undertake beautifying hair, hairdressing and whole body maintain
·All of home of choose and buy, home appliance and home reside things
·New house is arranged reach sweep
·Pick an auspicious day to day moves and remove major clothing and other articles of daily use, articles for use into bridal chamber first

Before January

·Invite preside over a wedding ceremony person
·Arrangement wishs demit content, time, amusement promotes a program to wait
·Send a happy event to stick
·Decide banquet is counted
·Book ceremony car
·Decision marriage photographed that day, photograph like personnel
·Formal attire bear hire matters concerned
·To door politics change of mechanism conduction registered permanent residence goes ingoing matters concerned
·Apply for marriage holiday to the company
·Add buy honeymoon place to need goods

Before half moon

·Decide list of bridal staff member
·With the hotel scene of harmonious marriage dinner is decorated, the final details such as famished look
·Order marry cake
·Book a bride to hold a flower in both hands, a matron of honour holds a flower in both hands, pectoral flower and ceremony car use a flower
·The ministry that make a face and whole body are massaged
·Accurate new personality is finished outside cutting hair, marcel to wait, ministry hairdressing works
·Dress up that day certainly with beautician
·Whether is examination formal attire revised finish
·Pick an auspicious day day, remove final fraction articles for use into new home
·Begin to deal with the change of all sorts of certificate, address
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