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Diamond is indicative the constant of love is long, gold represents lucky riches and honour, but the cost of love rose nowadays. Rapid leap up raises gold price this year, shanghai gold association increases gold, platinic gold once more recently fiducial price, every overcome gold 191 yuan, every overcome platinic gold 326 yuan. And the quality of jeweller of a gold that recently door of Shanghai The Ministry of Commerce and Industry publishs measures the report that monitor to show, zhou Shengsheng, wet grand base wait for a brand to tag diamond to be spent completely phonily, be decided unqualified. Nevertheless, a lot of new personality still abandon complex of diamond, gold hard. Whether do you feel gold act the role ofing is tasted, is plunging drop to marry essential thing?

□ did not go up a few coin or money, what should buy still is to should be bought

Mr Li employee of 33 years old of companies

This year " 51 " preparation and girlfriend go getting card.

According to our original plan, get card first, go carrying ring, headgear next. Although the price is rising all the time now, but buying ring, jewelry is not to buy a share, OK and patient ground, when this stock falls to fair value ability average. Marry not equal in value case, want to buy these things in that hour namely ability is significant, missed this vital link for equal in value case, buy ring, jewelry again, money is the province fell, the meaning also lost one most.

Outspread read... marriage celebrate a height to choose marry get Buddhist monastic discipline to have exquisite

Our ascertain is worn spend conjugal money to real point. We decide viatic marriage, follow the friend accompany that have a common goal, preparation marries together, have honeymoon, marry, take a picture three-in-one. Traditional prepare a feast greatly, we were avoided, prepare to ask only all round the kin friend with close relationship eats a meal, witness. Calculate so come down, the expense province with big brushstroke fell, gold, platinic gold rises in price is small head only. Floriferous 89 yuan are bought cover pair of give up, buy an a bit bigger diamond, can represent my love to her not only, and take from time to time in the future look, still can have sweet aftertaste. Compared with one-time eat and drink ten desks feast, we feel this money is spent a few reallier.

Gold, platinic gold is rising all the time, the lowest that present price compares when broke up one times much, but before comparing paragraph the price of time, did not go up as a whole a few coin or money. What I feel to should be bought still should be buy, of this province still is meeting province.

□ can keep a cost " love "

Fencing young lady 25 years old of media from course of study

Marrying need careful calculation and strict budgeting. At the outset husband and I have a program, throw money to the most valuable place. Husband says to want to send me plunge drop, this is lovemaking requisite, represented his good faith, and Laogong puts forward actively to want to send what send half carat above, I agree willingly. Because the diamond of half carat above has higher aesthetic value not only, and hold a function that keep a cost concurrently, moreover, the girl has bit of small vanity, attend late banquet, clique to be opposite later, have the diamond photograph partner with a dazzling bright, also meet on foot buoyant.
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