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The music that broadcasts on wedding chooses
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On lively wedding, not be only the wedding march can choose, each time that have in wedding paragraph, choose the music of corresponding atmosphere, the wedding that believes to be able to give you brings different result.

Before ◎ banquet did not begin

Recommend music 1: Chanchullo Ruben Gonzalez

Reason: This piece comes from " happy full Xia Wan is taken " the CD big plate of the film, be full of thick Cuba music, the feeling is very relaxed and distinctive, the guest since optimum belt awaits the atmosphere of banquet.

Recommend music 2: Amelie From Montmartre

Reason: This piece comes from " angel love is beautiful " the CD big plate of the film, music is eccentric and interesting, the feeling resembles the happy days when returning childhood.

Recommend music 3: Bossa Nova Affair

Reason: This piece is full of Sang Bajue person the great musical composition of emotional appeal.

Rhythm is comfortable and light, female voice is soft.

◎ new personality enters the arena

Recommend music 1: Wedding March

Reason: Salute classically is music gotten how less again? The new personality that if be absent,cathedral salutes, can choose this " marry march " , make Yu Zhuang of this marriage banquet severe begin below solemn mood again.

Recommend music 2: Air On The G String

Reason: Divide finish marriage march outside these classical song, this Air On The G String you are sure familiar to the ear can auspicious, music comes divinely very elegant, if feel " marry march " the friend that be bored, might as well consider this music.

Recommend music 3: Mariage Damour

Reason: By the world famous pianist Richard Clayderman is performed give this classical marriage music " the wedding in the dream " it is the most appropriate happy nevertheless. Melody grace, in rhythm fast, the feeling does not lose majestic sense, it is a right choice.

◎ bridal ceremony

Recommend music 1: I Believe

Reason: After a lot of people had watched this show, mad fall in love with this theme song. The life extract of leading role of the men and women in play, there is a tear in laughing, with you two spend old days to hand in in all fold appear, the support that there are each other in the life and share, make the commitment of lifetime with this.

Recommend music 2: Once In A Blue Moon

Reason: Day theatrical work " With Love " in the abundant inside Zhu Ye sends his beloved person to serve as gift with Once In A Blue Moon of one Qu Gangqin edition, play of this one act believes a lot of people also have very deep impression. This air is beautiful, with ferial the music that when proposing a toast, broadcasts is a bit different, it is one is compared additional kind choice.

Recommend music 3: My Heart Will Go On

Reason: Titanic makes fun of this piece wind demon whole world is spoony men and women, believing these first meeting is a popular option.
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