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Bridal: A lot of things need not want
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Review wedding: A lot of things need not want

  When wedding undertakes

◎ I make my wedding advocate

"51 " during, the reporter attended the wedding of a friend, bridegroom bride is right " small endowment " husband and wife, pay attention to bridal character quite. Decorate from bridal chamber illuminate according to marriage gauze, arrive again marriage banquet, husband and wife of two pursuit is " contracted and not simple " .

Bridegroom Xiaotang is do IT, bridal graceful graceful is a teacher lecturer, graceful graceful says to the reporter: "We two the individual's parents are traditional, they think two individual lives are together besides admit jurally, still need the declare of a kind of ceremony, have a pretty wedding namely. My mother-in-law once had said to me, after be born from Xiaotang, the appearance when a lot of times the dream marries to the son. Holding a wedding is the old wish with bilateral common old person. Since wedding must be held, that we two want, we want a wedding that we want. So from decorate do marriage banquet, ourselves is done advocate, parents respects us quite. Parents respects us quite..

Before holding wedding, how do graceful graceful and Xiaotang do with respect to wedding reached consensus. E.g. , two people leave out motorcade, as a child the Tang Dynasty friend there borrowed to run quickly the car regards a ceremony as the car, what hire motorcade province to come down 2000 multivariate money flower was in of wedding breakfast decorate on. Graceful graceful asks formal company to reach two people from acquaintance be in love 4 years to differ the photograph enlarge of period, decorate in the spot, still did a lot of adornment to decorate with the flower in each corners, let guest place oneself in the flowers; Still for example, small Tang Buxi wears ring happily, prefer to have an a bit better watch than rising, when so two people exchange keepsake, what graceful graceful sends Xiaotang is a watch, and what graceful graceful gets is a small Tang Xuan plunge drop, graceful graceful says: "We think, bridal luxurious how many what do not consist beautiful cash, and the intention that depends on you, china has a word to cry ' simple and grand ' , my leave out luxurious motorcade, got an arrangement spends Cong Zhong's wedding in delicacy however, I feel to be worth. I also had attended the wedding of a lot of people, I feel present person marries, the ties sees great majority to others, want luxurious motorcade, want very expensive feast, want the public house of 4 stars, but just oversight of bridal spot decorate, so again luxurious wedding also is wine flesh, after-thought rises to be not had again other. After-thought rises to be not had again other..
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