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Cai Meiyue the first class: The culture of marriage gauze and meaning
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Propose a toast formal attireBridal Bai Sha Wedding is white sanded

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See a visitor out formal attire

Give a lecture of Mr. Cai Meiyue

To the bride makeup play the part of for, marriage gauze is the most important part in integrated wedding. And in feminine one's whole life, can marry the marriage gauze collect carefully that wear is permanent, also be very happy thing. Pure marriage gauze, bearing the weight of the dream of how many female ah. Those who face full of beautiful things in eyes is various marry the garment, whether had you thought, how does marriage gauze just suit him? Popularity is kind of reference, suiting ability most is real beauty. Channel of newly-married of Sina of be a guest of — of total stylist of gauze of marriage of Cai Meiyue international Ms. Cai Meiyue, for everybody the mystery of analytic marriage gauze.

The culture of marriage gauze and meaning

  All one's life wedding, should measure a body for oneself custom-built marriage gauze!

Ms. Cai Meiyue thinks, the marriage gauze that there should be to belong to his when every girl is the most beautiful in lifetime serves as testimony and bear hand down. She says: The Chinese is used to gauze of the marriage that rent before “ , because economic condition is insufficient,not be, had not realised marriage gauze meaning and culture however. We are about to extend culture of new marriage gauze dress now. Marriage gauze comes from at western country, hesperian can regard the affection testimony of lifetime as marriage gauze, save very well, well its inheritance offspring, this is a kind of culture. We make marriage gauze brand also is to doing a kind of culture, the tradition that is Chinese society only, idea and west differ somewhat. The key is the idea that conducts people, atmosphere that develops culture of this kind of dress. Should let people never be known wear marriage gauze, hope to have a marriage gauze ” that belongs to oneself truly to everybody!

We say via often can listening to a lot of people: “ marriage gauze is in marry to was worn that day below, value of it doesn't matter. Need not spend money to buy ” . To this, ms. Cai Meiyue expresses: Marriage gauze wants to buy, because all one's life, be worth to withhold so. And so called suit, not only the bodily form that should suit oneself, should suit economic capacity and bridal form more, the most expensive may not is best, what suit most is sure the most beautiful. The bride can have something made to order for oneself a marriage gauze that belongs to oneself, talent is special, just have intention. The culture that knows marriage gauze just can pay attention to domestic culture more.
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