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Pat marriage according to step on lawn park to punish 1000 yuan
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Net of dispatch great river reported channel of xinhua net Henan on September 19: Shadow building cameraman is taking a pair of new personality to pat marriage gauze to illuminate to park of people of city of new rural area, because be on lawn find a view, just be blocked by park management, ask for 1000 yuan of amerce. Through argy-bargy, be being returned finally is capture 100 yuan, recoup a money as trample lawn. Yesterday, to this very the cameraman that does not understand dials reporter telephone, reflect this one condition.

Pat marriage according to stepped on lawn park to want to punish 1000 yuan

Zhao Yinghui is the cameraman of building of an image of city of new rural area. Before the Mid-autumn Festival, taking watch for a chance of Ni Kang D50 number, zhao Yinghui and client Chan Mou make an appointment to film photograph. Meantime, zhao Yinghui presses the demand that takes care of guest Chan Mou, film in the lawn of the side after entering a garden. “ is entered when us when lawn films, two men stand by to watch, film till us end after walking out of lawn, the other side walks over, take everything into one's own hands lives camera, want to take me to discuss to compensate for the thing of lawn to the duty room. Memory says ” Zhao Yinghui.

Fear camera of bang up of the other side, zhao Yinghui is obliged to follow the duty room that the other side comes to to the door austral the park. I know “ step on lawn incorrect, apologize to the other side, be informed however, I must capture 1000 yuan amerce. ” Zhao Yinghui is saying, the gathering receipt that showed park of people of city of a piece of new rural area to issue to the reporter.

Still was punished 100 yuan through argy-bargy

Occupy Zhao Yinghui to tell, the course is bilateral an argy-bargy, amerce amount falls finally reach 300 yuan, because “ enters the requirement that taking a picture in lawn is client Chan Mou, he feels to feel embarrassed, hold a person in the palm to look for a park to manage square plead for mercy for sb again, final Chan Mou replaces my capture 100 yuan of ” .

The reporter notices, on the receipt of this piece of gathering that offers in Zhao Yinghui, write “ destroys trample lawn to compensate for a model of written characters of 100 yuan of ” , write inside chamberlain column have word of “ eat ” , receipt is built have finance affairs of park of people of city of new rural area special rule.

To the receipt that the park offers, zhao Yinghui cannot be accepted, since park keep on saying says,be amerce, why should be compensatory money kept on bill, and without normal bill?

The park says to be not amerce is to step on lawn to compensate a paragraph
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