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Sex appeal of formal attire of banquet of marriage of Han type low bosom is attr
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Formal attire of low bosom of Chinese female star, you look much, see be bored with, also should change taste, actually the figure of Korea female star is mixed sexy index, not as female as China star is poor!

1. Han Caiying wipes pectoral formal attire chic, slim figure clavicle is sexy.

Female star of 2. Qing Chun is decorous Luo Jian dresses up about, petite and lovely very comely.

3. Han Yise is worn deep V gets formal attire, pure Bai Xue of just like Qing Dynasty's princess.

Portable skirt thes full front of a Chinese gown in 5. Jinya, have one's moment blanket long hair is elegant.

6. Li Tailan is aureate long skirt wraps a body, bold dew bosom is plump and inviting.

7. Jin Taixi appears on red carpet, sex appeal of big beautiful sweet shoulder is namby-pamby.

Pure Wen Genying of 8. Qing Dynasty takes sexy course, low bosom formal attire is elegant bosom.

11. Kong Xianzhu is gules show of tower collect skirt gives beautiful back.

12. Shen Zhuya is low pectoral miniskirt comes on the stage, beauty of labial red tine is melting but person.

Han Xiaozhu of ” of angel of smile of 14. Korea “ is short skirt is elegant leg.

Beautiful eye of formal attire of tender pink of 15. Lin Xiujing, humeral ministry bowknot is chic.

Breast enhancement of profile of sex appeal of 18. Jin Huixiu is inviting.

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