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Accurate bride thin body is complete manual
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Before wedding, does the figure that can I let myself look more perfect?

Of course! Suggest according to us, those who add effective be on a diet and nutrient recipe, you can become the most beautiful bride certainly.

The thing is normally such: People loves each other, be engaged and begin to plan wedding, begin to purchase beautiful dress... suddenly, you can discover: How did my weight increase again? Although be before wedding unapt still reduce weight, but we always hope that piece of photograph that accompanies the likelihood us all one's life is medium oneself, it is youth, beautiful forever beautiful, radiant.

If you want to use hungry treatment or resemble marathon athlete in that way long-distance running will exchange the slim figure that day, you are best look before you leap, because those is self-abuse methods that can say won't let you,look more perfect. The figure that believes you hope to achieve you to want with healthy kind more and attractive temperament... collect there are 12 representative problems to undertake suggesting the gender is solved most in accurate bride, hope you can find the solution that you want from which:

Q: Be about to marry after 6 my months, I hope to decrease 5-10 before wedding jin, should I continue those disgusting food reducing weight?

A: The time of 6 months is decreased 5, 10 jins desire can come true. But disapprove of you to continue to rely on food reducing weight and hungry abdomen to live. In fact, that is not desirable method. Although a lot of people reduced weight really, but this kind of method is unscientific, and to your body 100 is kill and do not have one benefit. Because in that way you cannot assure to absorb enough energy to live normally in order to maintain everyday, and become you one day return to normal dietary habit, your weight also will rebound subsequently. So, best method reducing weight is healthily food. Reduce the calorie that absorbs everyday (assure to absorb 1200 calorie everyday at least) do not want those who ignore nutrition to absorb at the same time, often take exercise additionally. If you everyday little absorb some of calorie, omit to eat desert, less for instance a bit, repass exercises combustion a few quantity of heat, so a week is decreased 1, 2 jins very easy, of course this still depends on your current height and weight.

Does the decision begin to take exercise? So you need to undertake training and force train having oxygen at the same time. Motion having oxygen helps you combustion is adipose the heart lungs function that enhances you at the same time, force training conduces to strong your muscle, exercise muscle to be able to make your figure looks will have more curve and strong, still can help you use up more calorie of course.

Q: I go every week 2-3 second gym, in this paragraph of time before wedding, should answer to take exercise everyday?

A: Listen go up seeming is right, but, we do not encourage you to be done so. Athletic excessive will cause harm to your body normally, although yourself did not find this kind of harm, but it exists really. We normally motion also is sarcous motion actually, this is sure to pull extensor flesh fiber, this is the process that muscle grows, but muscle also requires oneself repair, your muscle needs 48 hours to recover from an illness from inside the injury of body building. Same, frequent motion having oxygen also will be injured somewhat to the place such as knee, ankle. So, proper rest is the necessary process of healthy fitness. About your problem, the proposal is: You go often greatly gym takes exercise, premise is to avoid to repeat similar campaign everyday. Remember, only when you true wanting is done so when, ability can have good result. Train motion having oxygen and force alternant arrangement. Or 3 days circulate for, one day among rests. Do you see such arrangement how? Abdomen of + of Zhou Yi, motion having oxygen exercises; Zhou Er, exercise a leg ministry and arm; Zhou San, repeat abdomen of + of motion having oxygen to take exercise, add before last body take exercise (2 flesh, triceps, bosom, back) ; week 4 rest, zhou Wu, Saturday, the project that weekday repeats Zhou Yi, Zhou Er, Zhou San.
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