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The day of great rejoicing, the requisite in bridal vanity
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The brides that marry now are being taken commonly on the hand hold a flower in both hands, a few must fill makeup things also has with makeup makeup girl is preparing, but, do you know, some things new a form of address for one's wife still needs him precondition oh, in order to have untimely needs

Paper towel: Taking, bridegroom of the bride below the sunshine in sorching can be used.
Hussif: The small chip on bridal formal attire, the bowknot of backside, the button on skirt horn line and bridegroom suit needs it.
Fibula: When having not enough time to use needlework, fibula can be touched be badly in need of.
Filar socks: Hooking broken silk hose is constant some thing, on equipment 9 pairs stand-by.
Puissant glue: The pains that high-heeled shoes can not bear one day certainly, have to bilk puissant glue to handle at the moment.
Besides, diamond, ear pendant use possibly.

Additional, a few small red parcel, lighter of what also prepare to had been compared

In case if some bridal makeup girl are not beside, a few things also must prepare somewhat:

Fill makeup things: If suck oilpaper, face paper, pily club, sweet pink, sweet stucco, look line pen, labial line pen, lipstick and sparge type are protected wet make up water, cosmetic of appropriative of 9 appearance bride.
  mirror: At ordinary times small glasses is used not quite, best belt can take half-length looking glass at the same time.
Black hairpin: Head gauze slides, headdress flower drops, bob is out of shape blame with cannot, and repeat use old hairpin won't firm, want to take on one bundle.
Comb: Pointed power a tooth-like part of anything combs, hairbrush combs and curl combs take, small messy, xiu Yixiu manages, beautiful rise. Finalize the design erupt mist: Comb high the bob that go up, charming is spruce model, the helix that restore ancient ways coils, little not finalize the design erupt mist, it lets you send out pull pull glamour daylong.