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How to choose scene of do sth for the occasion dotal
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Marrying is life important matter, natural cannot careless. But to a lot of common females, wearing the money with circumstance, too much flower to buy to be able to be only on wedding without what at ordinary times the ceremonial robe or dress that wears makes popular feeling painful really. Then 500 yuan control formal attire of a bright red Chinese style, already can the thing that smooth do sth for the occasion of marriage Qing Shifeng can put on a body at ordinary times again, also can tick off the desire to buy that removes them all the more. And no matter be to wear Chinese style ceremonial robe or dress, still be marriage gauze, brand-new underwear is indispensable, also be the secret weapon of crash and perfect figure.

Draft resolution one

The bright red A Chinese-style unlined garment of sterling and traditional style, beautiful beautiful fix eyes upon

When season, the bright red A Chinese-style unlined garment of very traditional style already became a kind of fashion. This marriage celebrates dress to design, grave elegance is easy, all show temperament of Oriental female graceful and restrained.

Draft resolution 2

Spell able suit, extremely attractive

Melting, refined suit, not allow to ignore, solid wear an index to go up point-blank raise. Small turndown Bao Kouyang is installed, melting and relaxed, let a person produce good opinion from the bottom of the heart. If you want to become the bride with a spruce charming, choose such suit, can grace for you many.

Choose to go up in color, ying Yiliang color is given priority to, with foiling the happy event of newly-married is enraged. Choose this kind of dress, practical very strong, not only the dress on wedding is beautiful, also can make the central point that fix eyes upon in daily life.

Draft resolution 3

Underwear, the secret that adjusts body form is stuck closely person

"New personality " purchasing new underwear is to pursue a happy event promote auspicious, also be to help you adjust the figure to the illicit of groove to be stuck closely person.

The woman with bust young number, water bag bra is essential thing. Want you to wear this kind of bra only, can hold a nature, full Shuang Feng and attractive cleavage in the palm instantly, make you have mature woman taste more.

Underwear chooses plan to have a lot of, among them one kind is had massage reach pants of the healthy function with combustion adipose whole body garment that join a body, it is the essential thing that promotes dress quickly aesthetic feeling, can decorate systemic curve. When wearing marriage gauze especially, more such.