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The Dan Xia hill of Guangdong of 50 pairs of new personality that comes from 7 c
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Celebration of wedding of collective of international of hill of glow of red of 2 00 7 China, 18 days begin in succession 3 days to close geological park of world of red glow hill to be held ceremoniously in Guangdong beautiful.

Land of the home in coming from, Hong Kong and United States, Indonesia, Jamaica, Denmark, Ghana and India in all 50 pairs of new personality of 7 countries, in enjoy " hill of world love name " beautiful praise happy match of knot of the happy event below Dan Xia hill.

There is officeholder, SOHO, teacher, reporter, white collar height in newlywed the each estate personage such as employee of canal, blue collar, officer on the active list. Among them, it is to step first for the most part sufficient magical and wonderful red glow hill, at the moment, beautiful scene in a good day, make global numerous new personality and its relatives and friends very excited.

The red glow hill that is located in beautiful of north of another name for Guangdong Province to close urban northeast to just be in to about 40 kilometers, with its the humanitarian landscape with the cliffside spring of bright and beautiful water with the red cliff landforms of magical magnificent, elegant meandering, long and blurred a jeweled palace in elfland's hills, rich and generous dream and famed far and near, 2 00 4 the beginning of the year receive in glory title of first world geological park. Especially the natural landscape such as cliff of stone of that lifelike Yang Yuanshi inside scene area, Yin Yuanshi, double breast, Wang Fushi, Sleeping Beauty, West daughter, husband and wife, make red glow hill becomes natural sexual culture museum, be known as " hill of world love name " .

The global new personality that before collective wedding sponsors international of hill of glow of red of 2 00 7 China to just be, will attend collective wedding prepared content the celebration activity with rich, vivid form, among them big round of drinks of bridal sedan chair swims, in relief boundless blessing of yuan of wind that exhibit hero, Yin Yuanqi, in all love song of visit a sacred land of culture of Jiang You of homocentric tree, glamour bright and beautiful, sex, candle power meets establish etc. Ying Ji Inge Marstrand is in Danish woman first the state of Oriental civilization sits traditional colour of extremely rich China, stick the bright red bridal sedan chair that has double happiness model of written characters, excitement is gotten ceaseless with its assorted of A of man of newly-married husband Ghana carries Ashitey Lithur to stare at each other smilingly. Be in when 50 poppyhead litter of team of awe-inspiring gong and drum lead next is in beautiful when closing urban make one's rounds to swim, road person anounces applause and hurrah in succession, express good blessing to new personality.
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