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Kunming " spider person " the wedding in romantic sky
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Kunming " spider person " the wedding in romantic sky

Sweet kiss!

So much person will attend, I am very happy!

Wear marriage ring the pedestrian on ~~ road stops watch the wedding in sky

Of bridal happiness with bridegroom gentleman crossing-over marriage give up

Arrived 9:30 on August 28 morning at 11 o'clock, the wedding in sky of person of first pairs of spiders of Chinese will be in Kunming the road holds west hill Ou Minghe 137 numbers. Two lovers that undertake headroom operation for a long time will proclaim to everybody with their special kind -- the rope made of hemp on their body had become the red line in lunar veteran, two " drift " the heart closes from now on 2 for one.

"Embrace " , " bridegroom bride kisses " ... a in people blast " jeer " in sound, sit on headroom boatswain chair, be hanged in new personality of 15 meters of aerial by fasten condole rope, rock is worn the body completed his important event. Jiang Dezhang of 27 years old and Tie Guangju young couple of 26 years old are engaged in headroom cleaning the job in Kunming, below the help of work in the same placing, when the newlywed person that wearing marriage gauze, business suit is cleaned with headroom " spider person " form, the wedding that lets oneself attracted public line of sight.