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Carriage animal is bridal
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The lion sends token when orangutan of a matron of honour

By 2006, a special wedding in Chengdu feral world is held, gentleman of lukewarm advance of a pair of new personality and Miss Li Hua are in the beatific sound of people and animal people below company, enter the hall of love.

Giant animal receives close line

What differ with other wedding is, their receiving close rank is a flock of animated animals -- docile short horse, the animal such as the alpaca of temperamental nobility wears festival formal attire to stand in gate both sides respectively. More those who make a person surprizing is, a pair firm full the partner man that the lovely Xiaolao tiger of 2 months and lionet should have this pair of newlywed person and a matron of honour. They are wearing the gules robe that is this bridal and special preparation, shake place follow in bridegroom and bridal left and right sides.   

The bird should check cut of government-owned pass a barrier will

Parent group is greeted to guide in giant animal, this round to new personality and relatives and friends members come to bird language heaven. Here, two fiery macaw and 4 beautiful peacocks are early wait in gate mouth, in bird " take an examination of an official " supervise below, this replied to come from compere and group of relatives and friends to new personality most the problem of artful. When answering question is successful, aside macaw " take an examination of an official " hold with beautiful big mouth instantly " green card " express to pass. Aside peacock also spread its tail expresses congratulation.

When new personality eventually " behead of pass a barrier will " had entered " examination questions closes " hind, inside heaven of whole bird language, bird people bleat adorably incessant Yu Er. Birdie people fly in succession display in front of new personality on oneself blessing. Red-crowned crane start moves the person's waltz, the white swan performs water ballet...

Chimpanzee serves marry keepsake

Walk out of bird language heaven, compere announces to marry celebration begins formally, pass heavy test to new personality, enter the hall of love eventually. When announcing to exchange the keepsake of love, the chimpanzee that wears gules ceremonial robe or dress shakes the keepsake that places bride of ground general bridegroom serves respectively downstage. Finally, bridegroom and bride ride lofty courser to accompany next trend happiness in everybody...

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