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The gas that take heat does wedding in ball sky
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"38 " section in the morning, another wedding attracted passerby. Look up to look, oh, it is steam ball wedding so.

   New personality: In the air wedding is very romantic

On March 8 morning 10 o'clock sharp, two pairs of new personality are in to Henan people hall on square manage a wedding. The bang in the marriage car that did not discharge growing dragon and Pi firecracker sound, those who waiting for them, it is the gules hot balloon that a gush catchs fire.

Bridal He Nan and bridegroom Li Xiaofu fight in the van. With general wedding, the bride is pulling bridegroom, go all the way along red carpet in the wedding march. Just what they walk up is steam ball.

Li Xiaofu holds in the arms a He Nan, put her in the basket basket below steam ball, oneself very quickly and into. Plus an air man, a cameraman, the basket basket of 1 meter of square shows nervousness slightly.

0.5 meters, 1 meter, 2 meters... steam ball slowly rise, basket of bridal hand jacquard weave throws away rose valve, bridegroom waves to the relatives and friends on the ground present one's compliment, two people still wish " the lady festival of the world is happy " .

When rising nearly 30 meters, steam ball did brief halt to stay in sky, after about 5 minutes, begin slowly drop. The agitato after He Nan comes down cries continuously: "Too romantic! "Too romantic!!

Zhang Min and Ren Wei take another pair of newlywed person in look very seriously aside. Bridal Zhang Min says, the balloon that use heat marries even if pursue a satisfactory, flourishing, with others different.

   Accident: Look up look happy event, two cars trace remaining part

Steam ball stops in in the air, the pedestrian that brings transiently stops offal pace to admire a head to look in succession, crossroads of Chinese redbud hill east still happened 2 layers of exit to chase after end accident. A policeman that is on duty below crossroads says, he did not receive a car advocate report a case to the security authorities, "Because him patronage is worn,estimation knows is see wedding did not worry about drive, oneself are mediated calculated. Oneself are mediated calculated..

   Expenditure: Spent 10 thousand yuan of graphs special

The person that handles steam ball calls Yang Guanji, it is an air man of professional steam ball, this year 56 years old.

Yang Guanji says, this steam ball is 21 meters fast, diameter 19 meters, weigh 300 kilograms, what burn inside is butane. "38 " this day of wind-force amounts to the section 3 class left and right sides, suit steam ball to fly most.

This in the air how many money does wedding spend? Bridegroom holds the post of Wei to say, 10 thousand yuan control, more general than doing wedding wants floriferous 559 yuan, "Very special nevertheless, give wife an unforgettable wedding. Give wife an unforgettable wedding..
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