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Bride of be murdered of man marriage eve holds mortuary wedding
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When the · of male friendly Kevin that Michelle of 36 years old of women of Liverpudlian city prepares England and lives together two years pulls dimension Er to marry, kevin is together however be murdered of the misfortune in gangster assault accident. Heartstricken Michelle is opposite to express the love of Kevin, the remains that counteracts male friend in hospital mortuary actually held wedding.

According to the report, michelle is England Liverpudlian city installs Terry the healthy assistant of the hospital, a few years ago, she lone knew male friendly Kevin. Two people fall in love at first sight, be pregnant before long the son Zhanmusi that was delivered of them, after a year, their daughter also became of the world. Kevin was begged formally to Michelle marriage.

Hold a grand wedding to can put money, kevin decision acts as to 200 miles of England Oxfordshire outside construction industry. Not long ago, kevin sufferred a flock of thug make a surprise attack and die. Distress Michelle is below the company of a few a matron of honour, kevin of decease male friend was counteracted to hold in hospital mortuary special " bridal " , attend this " mortuary is bridal " guest outside the parents besides both sides, the guest of Kevin of a few lamentation also is wearing marriage banquet formal attire to come. A priest was chaired for Michelle " bridal " . Just held " bridal " Michelle, begin to sponsor funeral for Kevin with the identity of the wife then