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Tens of civilian clothes polices are suspected of staking surveillance wedding b
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On that wedding, the police has the opportunity that arrest is suspected of suspect of case of especially big kidnap one group a lot of times, but static all the time await bridal end.

Yesterday, xiamen police released inside of case of especially big kidnap one case when uncovered recently, "Security personnel kidnap is rich owner " the truth rises to surface.

Police discloses, victim Chen Mou is kidnapped in door mouth, he is driving luxurious car at that time, in draw near parking lot crossing is held off by one man outlet, wait for him to fall get off window, when extending a preparation to call a man get out of the way, abrupt change goes a few all around fierce Chinese, pull him quickly to car backlash, get on tool carrier in his body at the same time, another man drives quickly sail to the island outside.

Police still discloses: "This group of person extorts ready money to Chen Mou's family 500 thousand yuan, whirl 130 thousand yuan inside the car. They still bind Chen Mou in telegraph pole classy its family will rescue, abandon a car to escape broadcast next " , the victim is rescued backward police calls the police.

This case causes height of the police in the lake to take seriously, after details of a case of case constituent analyse, think this is to have aforethought kidnap case together, commit the crime the person is very familiar to victim discrepancy.

Case group is checked via a large number of platoons, will commit the crime the property security personnel that target lock decides victim place living village. According to introducing, this is one investigates the gang with extremely strong capability instead, after they commit the crime, still go to work normally the following day, at the same time police learns, among them one suspect will hold wedding, other a few suspects can attend the banquet probably together, this is undoubtedly " net fishs " inning.

According to the description, in one seafood big wine shop, the marriage banquet of this suspect is held as scheduled, and basis of policeman of many 20 civilian clothes is decorated beforehand, appropriative medicinal powder the guest also is in this wine shop have dinner, the every act of surveillant suspect.

"Have the helper's opportunity a lot of times, but that evening guest is not little, rushed hit out the likelihood causes a disorder, make a suspect organic can escape, return a likelihood badly to cause group sex incident " , at the same time police is judged, those a few suspects and bridegroom concern " very iron " , estimation can leave place the latest, "Such doing, also be to take care of the face of family of bridegroom, bride " .

"At that time, bridegroom, bride, their family is stupefied over, complexion is inflexible. " one participates in the policeman description that handle a case, did not wait for their reaction to come over, frozen darby already wore the hand in bridegroom to go up.

Police says, immediately explained the suspect that be captured to commit the crime through, they ever were the security personnel of this village, of pitch on is a thin and small, often carry a big package, man that opens discrepancy of a high-grade car on the back; Commit the crime to ensure have one's way, they still undertook drilling for many times to staking process even.
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