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1500 pairs of people of a new type are same the day sets foot on red carpet
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This Saturday, each marriage celebrates provincial capital the company was greeted since this year a very busy day -- the data that according to Jinan city marriage Qing Qingdian association masters, whole town had 1500 pairs of new personality to be on red carpet about that day. This may be to came November 2008 before new year's day, a number of provincial capital marriage is maximum day.
The person that goes out this morning may have such feeling: Go on the road, often can see the marriage car motorcade that receives a bride, and the red arched door that had congratulant newlywed person or great rejoicing word stand before door of every big public house almost, some hotels carried on at the same time even banquet of 3 two marriage. Controlled partly at 10 o'clock, the reporter that takes on Luo source ave came up against motorcade of 3 marriage car. Jinan city marriage celebrates the attune of celebration association to spend data to show, provincial capital had 1500 pairs of new personality to hold wedding or wedding to acknowledge about today ceremony. Can say, a lot of hotels also were received today not small " red bag " .
Because wedding is too much, many citizens also are to make a round trip " drive " . Several days ago, ms. Wu received the citizen continuously 3 pieces today's marriage invitations card, because had been not driven really,come, ms. Wu must be driven separately with the husband. "Looking true today is a wedding day, a few my friends gather together actually married; Do not pass such it may not be a bad idea, can save our time. " Ms. Wu says jokingly. A few units head special also today business. The main leader of some unit the timeline this weekend may be more compact than returning at ordinary times: Because two colleagues hold wedding at the same time today, a few leaders must " divide the work " the wedding that attends both sides, many people are decided even fortunately here attend wedding to arrive there drink wedding feast.
Celebrate celebration association to publicize ministry undersecretary Liu Yongbo to introduce according to Jinan city marriage, besides today, before new year's day, provincial capital still will be in tomorrow, on November 25 and on December 8, 15 days greet small climax. But will look from the circumstance that masters at present, the rest marries a few times flourishing is meridian, marry the number exceeds unlikelily today.