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Course of harships of love of emersion of true person VCR
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Romantic sun spends a shop bridal spot, VCR of 5 minutes is true relate emotional story, such wedding, touching each visitor that enter. Yesterday, a such wedding are in east inside lake park luxuriant perform. "Each wedding, it is an implementation once made the commitment below to love! " to new personality Qiu Chao and Yang Jun, they came true oneself are right the acceptance of love.

3 years ago, qiu Chao and Yang Jun loved each other, but two people do not work in a city however. For love, qiu Chao abandoned the management with favorable treatment working, the Chengdu that will to cummer work runs sale. Everyday, he is riding a bicycle to move back and forth in the ave lane of Chengdu city. A day, qiu Chao and cummer shop together, yang Jun is spent to got Buddhist monastic discipline to attract by a delicate sun, see cummer like so, qiu Chao is affirmatory, be in a day that of newly-married, give her a romance certainly " the sun is spent " bridal, wear that sun flower to plunge drop for her.

"Marry me! " yesterday, after experiencing harships and effort, bridegroom Qiu Chao wore this for bridal Yang Jun eventually " the sun is beautiful " plunge drop, two people deep feeling is embraced. "I want to let all close friends know our love, witness our love. " bridegroom Qiu Chao says, this paragraph is mixed by him VCR of deductive of bridal Yang Jun's true person, emersion the dribs and drabs since they love each other, they ask technical photography company to film in the assistance before marriage.