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"Gut type " marriage gauze is illuminated popular Tang Shan
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As people living standard rise, the new people nowadays films marriage gauze is renovated according to ceaseless also pattern. They already were satisfied at making up to go up no longer, dress marriage gauze, in the director lap of cameraman a few modelling come to an end, of all sorts of individuation, gauze illuminates the marriage that exterior fact pats to already became the mainstream. Be in recently Tang Shan, a kind " film mood " thematic marriage gauze photographs, chase after with what its fresh, distinctive color gets newlywed person fully hold in both hands.

Yesterday, the reporter is in some shadow building understands the Tang Shan that rolls out photography of gauze of marriage of this kind of theme, at present they already were rolled out " perfect conjugal bliss " , " underwater is bridal " , " like happiness resembling flower " , " Luo Man Luo Lan " , " be in about winter " , " peerless double arrogant " , " abstruse contest draws France meaning " , " , and every theme has respective artistic conception, dress and background, manifests age, story and style also each are not identical.

According to this shadow building a staff member introduces, "Happiness resembling flower is same " thematic place wants show, it is to go up century of 669 time " educated youth " figure, green military uniform, accordion, red manual is the main element in this theme; "Luo Man Luo Lan " and " meaning of abstruse contest picture " the style that what behave respectively is European palace type and French canvas type; And " perfect conjugal bliss " and " peerless double arrogant " two photographs that cover a department, criterion the scene emersion as drama of movie and TV, have coherent story already, have the actor's lines subtitle that hits again, the film screen when just like is broadcasted decides case.

"Current, gauze of marriage of theme of type of this kind of scene photographs most the reception that gets a guest. " this staff member says, this kind " gut type " film with before marriage gauze photography differs greatly, shadow building needs to throw those who weigh gold to make his to film base and story setting; The person that film the mode that films the spot is set in scene drama in, will behave the story of new personality and mood with setting of different thematic dress, theme; New people also is simple ground makes up no longer, place place model, resemble film actor be deduced euqally in the story place of diversification and thematic clue however " gut " .

According to reporter understanding, because originality is novel,at present these thematic marriage gauze photograph, add cost to be illuminated than general marriage gauze should tall, price is not so low also, in 2000 multivariate to 8000 multivariate differ, what control with 4000 yuan among them is intermediate price suffers new personality to look at in person quite. And choose to go up in the theme, criterion with " underwater is bridal " , " peerless double arrogant " , " be in about winter " , " resemble flower happily same " these pasts never had had film setting most accept favour.
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