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Hubei wedding will be looking for consumer disputes Rating Association
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Hubei Province yesterday, thirty two companies together wedding, in full swing in preparation for trade associations, announced the introduction of the national "marriage ceremony services" Hubei implementation details of the wedding to give the province more than 2,000 companies on the magic spell, so that consumers clearly consumption. Consumer disputes often arise In recent years, wedding services, Wuhan has become a "happiness industry", according to wedding industry association statistics, Wuhan, Wuhan, at least 10 million couples get married, the whole industry chain Suan come in nearly 80 billion wedding market should be large cake. Wedding Services into a sunrise industry, Hubei, married popular second-tier cities to find new wedding company that gave birth to the rapid expansion of the province's wedding, including Wuhan Xi Zhuang, Feiling, Jin edge in second-tier cities such as technology have joined the business. "Preliminary estimates the province has 2,000 large and small wedding company." Wedding industry association in Hubei Dong Bin, director PC, due to the lack of industry standards and constraints, mixed wedding market, the price transparent, consumer disputes occur from time to time, so new people happy event into a dilemma, "There are employees know nothing about the wedding." Wedding Company will star rating "The wedding industry was a major industry, including wedding advice, makeup, camera, master of ceremonies, wedding hotel, wedding supplies (candy wedding cake) and other related businesses." Wedding industry committee yesterday, the Director-General of China, said Shi Kangning, should this mature market operators, it must have a sound regulatory and industry self-regulation. After the establishment of provincial industry associations, the development of industry service rules, regulate the industry. According to reports, the wedding industry association in Hubei Province on the 22nd will be formally established next month, employees will be trained, while the province to thoroughly wedding industry. DONG Bin said that the state has adopted since the end of "marriage ceremony services," the national standard, they will study the introduction of Hubei service details on the wedding process, quality, price and even wedding services contracts have clear norms and standards, including how to receive customers , how the camera display, recording what the lens, on-site decoration, including what, how many champagne tower, how you tie flowers, Road cited the number of charges have clear criteria for how much, so that consumer spending has become increasingly clear. It is reported that China National Standards Committee of the wedding company is carrying out the comments by star rating, the establishment of provincial associations will assist in the investigation wedding. In the future, the company will be star rating Hubei wedding.