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"Yi Jin" Zhao Yakun 2011 conference senior wedding dress
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October 31, the China International Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 release period, the "Yi Jin" Zhao Yakun senior wedding dress 2011 conference held in Beijing Hotel. The conference, wedding dress with high market "FIRST LIGHT" as its theme, is the 2007 "Yan Mountain Zi Mountain Myth" dress conference sequel. Interpretation of when the sun rises in the east to bring the first light, the color from dark gray to dark fuzzy, red, gold, white, and gradually radiate brilliant light, a symbol of a new beginning, and the vision of a better future . Color to the main line of the entire series, with "KING SILK Gold Seal" high-end silk fabrics, embellished with exquisite SWAROVSKI crystal production process presents a fashionable and luxurious wedding dress, "Yi" environment. Zhao Yakun, Art Committee of China Fashion Designers Association, Chien Yi Garments Co., Ltd. was established in Chaozhou, the current design director, the creation of "JOOOYS Kim Yi" and "SIMPLE ACT Jane Yi," the two brands.