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Three "ten" auspicious wedding market detonated busy married couple in Suini
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August 8, 2008 Olympic Day, September 9, 2009 the "long long", more and more people choose these particular days, with their other half into the marriage hall. This year's Oct. 10, 3 "ten" meet, meaning "perfect", but also become the most sought-new day. On this day in many couples access to civil registration of marriage, or weddings on this day, hope that the marriage can be festive. October 10 to get a marriage license October 10, 2010, 3 of 10 linked together by many as the "perfect" the auspicious day, many couples have chosen this day for weddings or marriage registration. 9, a reporter from the marriage registration center was informed that the ship Mountain, in order to meet the new 3 "ten" desire for marriage registration, the staff will give statutory rest days, as usual for the couple for marriage registration. 8:30 am, the reporter saw at the marriage registration center, there are already 20 such as a few couples here. It is understood that only 10 morning, there is more than 30 pairs of married couples to register. Marriage registration center staff, told reporters: "To ensure the smooth day of marriage registration in the party and quickly apply for marriage registration, marriage registration center also developed a special program to open the window to increase the staff to work longer hours and other measures." Interview period, there are many people scored 10 can call for marriage registration. Hotel wedding business is hot 11am-Star Sport reporter saw a couple of hotels here wedding. The hotel staff told reporters: "We're already full of reservations, there are many new people to call to consult." Afterward, the reporter consulted a number of urban hotels have been informed that October 10 is the day of wedding been booked. 3 "ten" auspicious not only the "fire" of the hotel, but also pushed the wedding company's business. Reporters from the three companies have found that wedding, on October 10 the day they hosted the wedding of 6 couples. Millennium wedding wedding planning company responsible Mayou Dong told reporters: "October 10th day, we hosted the wedding for 2 couples, but we have turned down a dozen. Many people call the first half of this year an appointment. "reporter learned from the wedding company, this year's Oct. 10 over the previous October 10 business much better. And compared to just past the National Day, wedding, told reporters the company's staff, October 10 National Day of marriage and the number of comparable, mainly selected days and people habits. Many newcomers will take advantage of holiday, family and friends gathered easily choose the National Day to get married. Popular flower market With 3 "ten" were also popular wedding flowers hot at the same time the market. 9, the reporter learned from the city several flower shops, 10 October, booking the wedding ceremonies and bridal bouquets particularly newcomers. Yellow flower shop owner said: "Many couples get married in a few days ago to order roses and lilies of the. At present the two best-selling flowers." Several reporters from the city flower shop know, 3 "ten" that day, although booking wedding ceremonies and bridal bouquets for new lot, but the price and usually about the same. 5 yuan before a big rose and a small rose 3.5 yuan, or not in this day price rise. The boss said this was mainly an adequate supply of flowers during the National Day to ensure that the needs of 10 people on the flowers.