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Houseboat proposes ceremonial steamer ticket writes beatific river water to beco
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Blue gauze curtain is lapping hull, white feather put up vaulted boat door, firework of one case case sends in succession aboard, be all set of a few cinematograph... 17 days afternoon, dock of Fuzhou Fujian river appeared a such special houseboat.

"Be big to pat international romance? " for a short while, there are many curious citizens on dock.

Promise card, seaborne bottle blesses means all kinds of

The answer as a pair of lovers come on the stage and announce -- afternoon 2 when 30 minutes, they just walked into dock, pull with respect to somebody " marry me! " banner. In the applause of friends, man hand holds a flower in both hands, to girlfriend sheet genu kneels down.

The houseboat that so this is a novelty proposes plan. As we have learned, this boat by marriage celebrate a company to name for " love you 10000 date " . Every guest holds a piece of special steamer ticket, ability is approved ascend a boat. On this piece of steamer ticket, wrote down the blessing to this pair of lovers

The reporter also sees clear aboard accordingly. See guest only people hand one Zhang Xin form promises to get stuck, also write above have a blessing. They emerge board, insert to promise to get stuck on hydrogen balloon " wing " . Captain make fall, promise to get stuck to fly to the sky.

Put fly to promise to get stuck, compere Huang Yu guides guest to come to first floor cabin. "Look go up to the sky wish belt insufficient still, I or first time use seaborne bottle to promise! " guest king gentleman appears very excited.

Everybody fills full blessing again on scrip. Below the staff member's assistance, the white glass bottle that crowded everybody blesses puts Fujian river.

Jiang Shui is followed propose the ceremony is very romantic

This houseboat proposes the most absorbing, namely all the way photograph of wind of river water river is followed. Houseboat board is become to be full of dreamy colorific to propose by adornment advocate, new personality professions here aspirations, commutative gift.

The reporter sees, every better to one department view place can make houseboat a bit stay, have each game for new personality and friend, lovemaking travel more the main chance that becomes them to view and admire Fujian river beautiful scenery.

Sunshine twinkles on river side, egret and kite had flown the top of head. "Can written guarantee in the environment in this kind of natural harmony of lifetime good, will be my this all one's life is remembered unforgettably forever. " say of accurate bridegroom agitato.

The courtship on houseboat the ceremony also is attracting river side tourist, many people go up to the boat wave, blessing. One depends on uncle say: "The youth is really happy now, had seen such circumstance on TV only before. Had seen such circumstance on TV only before..

Curtain of night arrives, houseboat is gone to answer. Fujian river two sides shines at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern, cover line is worn day aerial bright moon, more the travel that allows houseboat to propose is even more romantic. In accurate Xin Lang " love you 10000 " in singing, firework blossoms, also let a person remember the brigade that this special Fujian river proposes.
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