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Make bridal chamber little game
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Live to old age in conjugal bliss: Look for a big disc, full flour is filled inside, a candy is buried in flour, ask bridegroom bride adopts the way that plays flour to look for candy next, the effect cans be imagined, bridegroom bride is sure it is pink of full woman's head-ornaments, live to old age in conjugal bliss.

The bamboo chopsticks that a lower end nibs is put in bottle, one is put on the side inside the balloon that has a theme. Let bridegroom bride use a tongue to place bamboo chopsticks to the tongue. Wind desk a week, must not drop. Aim a balloon, fall next bamboo chopsticks, balloon puncture. Take out an issue: Yield bridegroom bride reply.

Allow bridegroom bride crossing-over marriage formal attire ends music as what be troubled by bridal chamber, namely bridegroom wears marriage gauze, the bride wears business suit to send an entrance door all guests outside, otherwise everybody continues to be troubled by go down till satisfaction till. Very interesting.

"0 put whole take " the hard water fructose that game prepares 12 size moderate, let bridegroom the means according to 1-12 month, contain a candy to say with the mouth " wife, I love you " , until contain 12 sugar. Again by bride and bridegroom mouth speak or sing alternately 12 candy bridegroom " transfer " to oneself in the mouth, containing candy to say 3 times: "Husband, I love you " . Spit candy a dish again in, the sugar that whether the examination has everybody to be swallowed by new personality, little, punish, till satisfaction till.