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Hundred years wedding is consuetudinary
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"Have old, have new, have borrow, have blue " bridal and consuetudinary had had history of hundreds of years. A lot of brides ever were asked about that day in what they hold wedding whether had had those " have old, have new, have borrow, have blue " dress, in order to apparel they slowly had taken the channel inside cathedral. Apparel the tradition of these each dress has its distinctive meaning each allegedly, but can bring auspicious to newlywed auspicious fortune. Had you ever thought what meaning this kind of view is after all? Be how genetic? Does every dress have He Han justice each?

First version comes from Victoria times, textual be: "Have old, have new, have borrow, have blue; A sixpenny silver coin is put in a shoe lining. A sixpenny silver coin is put in a shoe lining..

Have old Like the bride can be worn or adorning, old clothings symbolizes the historical ligament between she and her a married woman's parents' home and past life. A lot of brides adorn the gem of a handed down from the older generations of the family is acted the role of article as " have old " choice. The knot wedding that some brides are wearing their mother or grandmother crosses is taken. Actually, old stuff also can be borrowed thing at the same time.

Have new Like appareling, new clothing and other articles of daily use is to want indicative bride to have success and hope in new life and marriage. If of bridal buy is new knot wedding,take, then it can be her " have new " , but any other new dress also are possible. "Have new " often accomplish the most easily.

  Have borrow Borrowed dress should be the friend that married from a happy already ground over there borrowed. Allegedly their happy meeting benefit is reached at you, the marriage that gives you is brought long perfect. Some brides can rent a kind of dress an a things, headgear, handkerchief perhaps acts the role of the vanity with bead.

  Have blue Apparel dress of a blue is come from " Bible " times, blue marriage formal attire is representing pure, faithfulness and love at that time. As the elapse of time, this one tradition already from wear blue marriage ceremonial robe or dress, evolve into the in the bride knot wedding later to take lap place to seam on the edge of circuit blue, evolve into contemporary common practice again -- the garters that the bride uses blue.

Sixpenny silver A sixpenny silver coin is being put in left foot shoe of the bride is fortune allegedly is indicative. What it goes up on behalf of belongings not only is rich, still represent the happiness of matrimony and joy. Because a lot of brides are afraid Lian Yimei is sixpenny today,be what appearance does not know, traditional and consuetudinary this one part is already seldom in contemporary wedding be abided by. But, if the bride wants to include this one item in her wedding, she is OK from if sixpenny silver is bought in the company of the bridal things such as garters and invitation a lot of selling.
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