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Bride of ─ of colorfast beauty ─ fills makeup point
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The bride fills makeup 3 points are ministry of fundamental color of skin, eye and labial ministry respectively, want those who mastered this a few respects to fill only makeup skill, you were had delicate of makeup look last recipe.

   Fundamental color of skin

No matter whether your skin slants oily, time one long can appear makeup phenomenon. Sweat and grease will be ceaseless by the pink with delicate disintegrate, the glossy that lets awkwardness expands on little face slowly feudal. Take off the most easily among them makeup is nose week, because the sebaceous glands here distributings much and grease is secreted exuberant, meet in the pore inside short time so faint show; It is eye tip and corners of the mouth next, because of the reason with rich expression, make become loose by the pink of meticulous docile originally take off, blundering, canthus microgroove and labial lines are even more distinct; As to brim of rise to power and position, also be to take off makeup key place, the appearance that because perspire,causes powdery makeup to take off float is very general.

   Fill makeup point:

One, suck except glossy

Want to keep clear of redundant glossy clean, do not destroy fundamental pink base again, oil absorption paper is very good choice. Can choose oil absorption force to be mixed by force contain opaque to fill makeup the oil absorption paper of composition, begin from nose week, forehead, with the glossy that emerges by the means adsorption that press. Meantime avoid by all means is wiped, lest drag skins, destroy powdery makeup surface layer, ling Jinan and rock-bottom skin nature are shirt-sleeve.

2, clear incomplete pink

The small stucco that uses clean (the softness that brush hair is fine) sweep the float pink between skin grain divide evenly gently. In microgroove the powdery bottom of remaining makes the grain feeling of skin becomes apparent, look opaque is very thick also be bored with, right now, with the incomplete pink in channel of skin of trumpet stucco broom, skin as cleanness, for below fill makeup lay next clean foundations.

3, compensatory pink bottom

Taking off makeup serious place, thin it is to make makeup look new by compensatory pink sparsely the recipe of coruscate glorious. But the gimmick demand that brushs to filling is very high, need practices. When trying bottom of filling mixed up flour and syrup at first, can choose small stucco or clean lip to brush, a few dipping in after bottom extraction powder, by take off makeup central position is brushed gently outwards, want to notice uniformity, and with makeup face conform the effect that place nature transfers, avoid pile pink rough draft. After brushing, usable hand shows again light dub is pressed, let powdery bottom docile.

In addition, of each place fill brush direction to differ, the need growth down pore direction undertakes, be like: Forehead, from which to two side; Nose, from go up downward; The cheek, from lower part of at present Xiang Er, such ability make powdery makeup natural. Return when filling pink bottom of course cannot oversight those tiny positions, if nose channel, bazoo falls, corners of the mouth, two cheek and cervical, attentive daub can let you make spotless noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch makeup beauty.
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