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Go up the perfect homework before the bridal sedan chair
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The first pace arranges camber namely. Extract first redundant brow, brush with eyebrow next brush brow gently by natural curve, brush in eyebrow on dip in a few eye shadows with brow color close, with fill brow arc be short of lose a share. The whole eyelid part between eyebrow bone and eyelash is brushed on shadow of light color eye, brush in below half of eyelid next on deeper eye vague impression (till eyelash upside brim) . To achieve optimal result, brim of eye shadow bottom can blend in look line. Going up only the eyelash on eyelash place besmear creams.


Blinking an eye is an interesting thing occasionally, wore nifty and lovely false eyelash when you especially when, our makeup the expert suggests you are going up only false eyelash is used on eyelid, can avoid an eye to go up so makeup appear too heavy. Still suggest you use the false eyelash with not neat accident additionally, can appear more natural so. To thinking the female * of the eyelash that use a holiday, can use lengthen eyelash to cream (Oulaiya's Out Extra Extending Mascara is among them one of) , it can spin your eyelash.


A few plumper still lip form with the most popular at present. If your lip already very plump, so although gift,it shines beautiful color, but notice to be not used please too too ostentatious colour. If your lip is belonged to thinner the sort of, that suggests your brim Tu Yi in labial line encircles the lipstick with a bit deep colour, in order to obtain a kind of well-developed sense. In addition, before besmear lipstick, had better use layer of Tu Yi of ministry of lip of preexistence of labial line pen, can make the colour of the lipstick more abiding already so, also can make labial ministry appears more corporeal. Did not forget besmear lip colour finally.

Cheek ministry:   

Balance color of skin with powdery bottom first. Tell you a small doohickey: Laugh first, cheek red brush go up in whole cheek, and mix up is even. The color with such red cheek can make natural.


If you are right the appearance of own fingernail is very not satisfactory, can try fake nail. Man-made fake nail is OK the pointed ministry of the sticks yourself fingernail of firmly, and can fashion into your satisfactory appearance. Next above Tu Yi layer bright Xi acid, fibre glass, silk or flax fiber. Besmear again next on fingernail oil is OK. After fingernail fosters cordial relations between states, do not forget to often caress it, lie between a week to repair namely protect. If you do not plan to use fake nail, the fingernail that begins you as early as possible then is repaired protect the operation, had better begin in before wedding 2 months, so that achieve optimal result. Ideal fingernail oil includes to show Hua Nong's "Nail Enamel In Iced Silver" .

Should appear some plumper?   
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