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Bridal around bride is protected send 3 plans
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Plan 1: Before wedding nurse

Point of beautiful and excellent charming of 10 thousand people waits for married beautiful charming women after all this how does do one's hair maintain, does ability make central point of beautiful and excellent 10 thousand people? If had planned to marry, had better be in before 3 bridal months, the hair that begins to do whole maintains.   

For example, common should nurturance lasts with protecting hair frost to do every week the habit that * hair maintains, after the hair is washed in the home, protect hair frost with the depth that contains vitaminic B5, vitaminic E and nucleolus oil, one is in thickly on hair on besmear, fasten rapid move to rush with water first, the hot steam when have the aid of bathes permeates nutrient the lining that send silk, wash with clear water again after several minutes clean, can make the hair restores vigor and health, maintain groove. If your life is too busy, also can use contain those who protect calorific oil to wash the wash one's hair that deliver milk, not only thoroughly can abluent hair, also build the deep-seated organization that protected a hair incidentally at the same time. On the choice of hairstyle, accurate brides answer in a month and beautify hair stylist discussion, the face according to oneself reach a * decision, lest is bridal hairstyle appeared inflexible that day factitious, become bridal the biggest regret.

Do " have play * " bride, just be the most perfect choice, let beautiful hair coil a little, not only romantic and moving convenient also blow whole. Nevertheless, ten million remembers, be about to be done first continuously before marcel protect the job of hair, such, the liquid medicine when marcel just won't erode the wool scale of the hair directly, protect the health of the hair.

Plan 2: The hairstyle on wedding is designed

Not too long also do not want too short as to length? Had better be under shoulder little, not too long, also do not want too short. Because general new a form of address for one's wife appears to want to comb ability shows dish of thereinbefore,get a high elegance, if the hair is too long, pull do a flower too complex, make dish of head no-go also, put feel bloodless again, so, say for go, or below shoulder a bit most standard.   

Of course, it is not easy to should choose an appropriate hair style, might as well the cervical length with oneself, forehead size reachs the referenced basis of hairstyle of facial features alternatively. If you have line beautiful and the jade neck of accident moderate, so, congratulation you, comb a tall hair worn in a bun or coil is absolutely can let you become the most outstanding beautiful treasured object on wedding.

Comb bob also has a small recipe, it is bob taller, the sensation is younger, bob is lower, show maturity more, therein clever, you might as well try to hold.

Want to have colorful bright beautiful bridal hairstyle. Hair drier is whole model of the tool apply, if send,coil, hairpin, sizy, it is cannot little. Take hair roll for, can divide coil for common hair reach apply to local electric heat hair to coil, no matter you are used which kind of, must hit the hair first wet, harm a hair easily to shape not easily again otherwise. When coiling on, will send roll put in the place of below hair end a bit, xiang Fagen part coils again after slipping to deliver remaining part downward, not too forcibly, can pull a hair first otherwise.
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