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Suit the flowery marriage gauze of 12 constellation bride most
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Archer bride

Archer the bride mights as well the late banquet that chooses tall chroma color is taken, for example Bao Lan is golden color, lubricious, bright perhaps shallow purple, these color suit her lively temperament very much. As to hold a flower in both hands, might as well of common of Jing world be astonished choose a helianthus! It is your lucky light, and with archer the bride is same, forever Ming Yan takes a person.

   Capricorn bride

Like a tradition, capricorn the bride mights as well the marriage gauze formal attire that chooses elegance restoring ancient ways, important is in this " traditional " in sure should have new idea. As to the collocation of headgear, capricorn the bride meets favorite mom probably or the costly headgear restoring ancient ways of some elder in the home, is not those glistening however cheap snide. Might as well so the mouth is used to elder, can receive an unexpected surprise gift probably.

   Water bottle bride

Most those who make a person unforgettable is, look by their flank, their delicate facial features has remarkable high temperament, especially the point of view of bridge of the nose and forehead is particularly fascinating. Water bottle the bride does not need " transform " oneself go getting used to average person to be opposite " bride " impression. It is with hairstyle exemple, water bottle the bride does not need to iron a hair painstakingly, or comb the hair Baotou, elegant long hair can behave distinctive water bottle instead temperamental -- pure and fresh, free from vulgarity. Flower tire and refined bud silk adornment are cannot little, they water bottle dreamy eye foils more brilliant is bright.

   Pisces bride

The bride of very strong to feeling of family reluctant to leave Pisces is in marry that day, think of to want to part with family meet the tear falls like rain, marrying actually is happy event, fasten too sad. The person that take emotive simple kindness seriously, when you drop into the love net, cannot judge stand or fall to treat clear condition, know to pay only do not seek get one's own back. When marrying, you like the wedding of romantic atmosphere like just like prince and princess. Dream is so soft beautiful Pisces bride, formal attire should be full of beauty of elegant intelligence of animals, the rich sense that occupy the home and gentle and comfortable formal attire, be Pisces bride love most.
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