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13 poses become the elegant bride on wedding
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1. sitting position: The attitude of the upper part of the body is the most crucial

Careful and serious listen respectfully, the chair wants shallow a few, when taking a picture with the relative, the attitude of the upper part of the body is the most crucial, so, if had " ah, can sit down not easily very much " this kind wants to go, the instant can resemble discharge the waist since the cat comes like angry rubber ball, very ugly. Cannot carelessness, want to always maintain nervous sense, if the bride is worn,wear especially low bosom formal attire, sit in the central part of the chair, twisting a waist, such appearing humeral fabric width, type of build or figure is slim. Wear long and thin ceremonial robe or dress, the leg inclined ground is lop, can make the leg appears slender, when bridegroom is sitting downheartedly, trouser legs can be carried on tendercy oneself, show a sock, clumsy, want special attention so, before sitting, carry the trousers of knee ministry first.

2. station appearance: Naturally is erect the back of the human body, mutual conscious mosaic " 8 " glyph

No matter receive a guest to still pat souvenir to illuminate, condition of station standing position is very fundamental, because this wants special attention gift is nice. Back has up extend feeling, the head, hip and calcaneal become linear, the upper part of the body has by the feeling of trice. The bride should stand after leaning beside bridegroom to arrange 15 centimeters of place, the right hand carries on the arm bridegroom right arm, the position of two people resembles character 8, the front takes a picture the feeling is optimal. Left arm of bridegroom light music, let bridal handle be inserted in ancon, those who want an attention is the clothing that the bride does not want to pulling bridegroom, let a person have cowardly feeling. Additional, bridegroom should not want to highlight abdomen overly for erect back, never mind pulling a bride, lest step on skirt, also do not leave too far. Not dead deathtrap is holding the arm of bridegroom in the arms, be like for fear that like his meeting desert.

3. walks: Conspicuous entrance ceremony

Because some brides are unaccustomed wear marriage gauze and high-heeled shoes, may have the accident case that steps on skirt, so formal attire shoulds not be too long, and walk correctly means is: Playing skirt side gently with tiptoe, thenar graze crosses the territory, slowly forward, tell strictly, bridal look should be orthoptic from beginning to end ahead, before putting the line of sight at 10 meters as far as possible, such is helpful for that take a picture, but for safe for the purpose of, bridal line of sight is OK in a way is down, but cannot too lest affect figure,pass.

4. kiss: Be over liberally naturally face, bashful feels very strange instead
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