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Shanghai woman is married after Japan discovers bridegroom is skint, escape come
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A year ago, person of Ms. Yuan classics introduces, with Japanese tourist acupuncture point 3 gentlemen are acquainted, after 3 months far marry Japan, paid 70 thousand yuan of fee to introducer for this.

Who expects to after Ms. Yuan attends day, just know, the husband silvers coin eastThe lifeExtremely disconcerted tired. For this, she escapes a Shanghai, requirement introducer is returned return 70 thousand yuan. Yesterday, general Tuo court hears this case publicly.

2006 Spring Festival around, flounder of person of Ms. Yuan classics introduces, and come to Shanghai at that timeTravel3 gentlemen get acquainted with Japanese acupuncture point. On May 10, ms. Yuan paid 70 thousand yuan to mother-in-law of introducer king A, entrust her to hold do marriage of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals to register with marriage banquet matters concerned. Issued after gathering of king A mother-in-law write have " if do not marry, entire fund return " receipt. After 6 days, ms. Yuan and acupuncture point 3 gentlemen get a marriage certificate in Shanghai, held miniature wedding.

But Ms. Yuan is gone to along with the husband discover however in the future, what the husband is not introducer to say is so rich, not only be " illiterate old farmer " , and " do not have even a bench in the home " . Every month, the husband gives only 559 yen use Ms. Yuan at the daily life of a family to pay expenses, but RMB of this amount to is less than 4000 yuan charge, can't be in the Japan with very high price level to live, still be in Shanghai as Ms. Yuan evenIncome. Then, ms. Yuan escapes after a few months a Shanghai, inform against the person such as Wang Apo to have the suspicion that uses interpose of marriage of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals to carry out bilk to police, sue to the court at the same time,

In front courtyard careful, wang Apo submitted much group evidence, proof at the outset Ms. Yuan and knowledge of acupuncture point three-phase, marry, did not get deceit, threatening.
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