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Exposure of status of wife of king sign language is passed is a famous model Che
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Of Wang Zhiwen " mysterious bride " the identity yesterday eventually exposure, it is Shanghai famous model so Chen Jian is red. Besides model, she also goes out had performed theatrical work of many movie and TV, be in especially Sino-South Korean in harmonyThe film" flying Apsaras dance " in ever gave the rival in love that performs Jin Xishan, leave deep impression to the audience. As we have learned, red understanding of Wang Zhiwen and Chen Jian is old, just be formal till last year between mutual relatives and friends appear.

Chen Jian is red be in former days Shanghai famous model

Chen Jian is red be born in Shanghai, height 1 meter she of 73 ever waited for the famous model on Shanghai with Ma Yanli " division goes out with the door " . Ceng Huo has been gotten Shanghai nature is beautiful 1993 young lady runner-up, youth of Shanghai travel section travelled 1993 model of photography of section of Shanghai fashionable dress is Ji Jun of elegant demeanour contest, especially big 1998 surpass outstanding award. Because exterior condition is special good, she special also the favour that gets ad business, had taken more than 50 ad piece. Make model besides, chen Jian is red ever was in " years is cantabile " in act the role of heroine Zhang Xiaotian, " love letter " in adorn Kang Ning, " I want to marry you " act the role of Liu Xiaocui to wait. She ever also was guided by the name Tang Jili is medium, become its broker company advocate play actor. In recent years, chen Jian is red turn travel car management respect develops, ever held the position of the controller that car of some famous brand goes.

Just knocked finally last year with Wang Zhiwen calm

Chen Jian is red the feeling with Wang Zhiwen only then at old before, but because of two peopleIndividual characterLow-key slow heat, because this also is to be a year after amour iron plate nails a hammer ago, just appear formally between close friends. Two people plan to put wedding day last year so, but because of certain reason, be being returned finally isDecisionPut this divine day this year on April 1. At the appointed time, two people will hold wedding in Shanghai, at present two new personality had given out a phone to invite to relatives and friends, and the happy note that many people also had received two people.

Chen Jian is red
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