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The marriage of 4 days of big king is newest report
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Dawn and Le Jier On March 13, in Maldives a certain not famous romantic isle, the hall that dawn and Le Jier step happiness eventually... although the woman and bilateral broker company give,deny, le Jier is called to be however " him sacrifice, block message " . Before long, hong Kong recreation encircles " 4 days of big king " the scene that Zhang Xueyou, Liu Dehua, matutinal, Guo Fucheng is what kind, nowadays, they are entered in succession not of be puzzled year. Good man Zhang Xueyou is person father already, once the dawn of the most beautiful heart also had other in part, did not allow which days, liu Dehua and Guo Fucheng also should leave like lightning " lone " lived.

Beautiful heart is matutinal -- , eventually by " young woman student " confuse 

The dawn in the life is an one hundred percent " beautiful heart big turnip " , once the cummer in the circle includes glad of Zhou Haimei, Lijia, Yang Caini, Shu Qi, Jin Xishan to wait. Nevertheless, junior and tasteful dawn found his female bosom friend finally, the Le Jier of model one's previous experience became goosefoot madam. "Goosefoot madam " give heat, let a person more or less feel to have a bewilderment: Why did he choose finally to compare his small Le Jier of 14 years old? Original, the United States' grown Le Jier appearance is exactly like dawn before cummer easy Qi, disposition is candid, independent, never depend on on money matutinal, she is very cheesy also to emotive manner at the same time, value emotive process, this became the one great charm that attracts dawn. The most important is, she never pretends to be attitude, let dawn experience the breath like sunshine.

Good man Zhang Xueyou -- , have wife have female very happy 

Common saying says " the harbour that the home is warmth " , and early of our stable-companion eldest brother realised this, early with build of love wife Luo Meiwei this warm harbour. Since going out, zhang Xueyou lets a person cry besides voice of a pair of gold absolutely besides, still be a red hears dielectric, besides the junior and flighty, habit that has excessive drinking, have any drawback hardly. Among them, he and Luo Meiwei's simple and unadorned love, it is envy letting a person more unceasingly. 1996, when career career of Zhang Xueyou, he was pulling Luo Meiwei's hand to enter marital hall, also ended the love marathon that two people are as long as 10 years. After marriage, luo Meiwei whole body and retreat, leave recreational group, support marital cause with all one's strength, also be this one accredit of the wife and support, make of Zhang Xueyou act art the career climbed summit summit. And the activator that the child's birth is two people love more, zhang Xueyou also fades out of recreation to encircle subsequently, major idea the flower is on family body, receive everyday send a child, the person that accompany the home enjoys family happiness, became Hong Kong recreation to encircle accepted good man.
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