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The belle champion that who married an Olympic Games people
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The belle champion of the Olympic Games people be married by who!
They are an unusually lucky person that battle achievement shinings, female strong people that are be terrified by the sight of sth or sb letting a person on the playground; They are the family's wife and mothers on the life, it is the tender and adept woman that occupy the home. There is the dazzling a ring of light of Olympic Games champion on their body, there are a flock of pleasants to become the great man of greenery beside their.
Deng Yaping: Eldest sister of table tennis circles deduces a country greatly ball sweethearts a much-told story

Deng Yaping has important place on the history of Chinese ping-pong, she has gold of 4 Olympic Games and champion of a few worlds not only, after retiring, be to pass oneself indefatigable effort to obtain a doctor's degree more, deng Yaping was mixed in committee of ethics of international Olympic committee and motion 2002 two committee hold the position of environmental committee post. 2004 Deng Yaping and be in love old male friend, before Lin Zhigang of ping-pong world champion marries, and at 6 produce per year below one child.

Deng Yaping and Lin Zhigang begin to be in love from 90 time but as a result of a variety of reasons, what double hair ever appeared for some time is detached, lin Zhigang is far 1998 go to France to play a ball game, and Deng Yaping learns in Cantabrigian university right now, after passing wind storm rain, two people are in distant Europe pull a hand again. Two people secret married 2004, deng Yaping produced the crystallization that issued she and Lin Zhigang love in France 2006.

Deng Yaping is the female strong person of one hundred percent, when athlete period plays a ball game her roar loudly a bit is assuming the Sara wave child now, often press adversary to prepare on morale. The Deng Yaping after retiring completed transition through tough effort, appear in common people with the attitude of female strong person again before, the backside of a successful woman needs a man that gives silently likewise. Although ever also was world champion, but Lin Zhigang however by the deep brand that made Mr Deng Yaping, what after passing so much twists and turns nevertheless, Lin Zhigang has seen fame and gain is very weak, also accept sadly to oneself part. The brushstroke that the wife of a deep love and lovely son tell this to Lin Zhigang is life is precious fortune, although the madam is very strong, but it what true love has again is OK that what true love has again Where is block the way?

Wang Nan: Female ping one elder sister pulls hand estate elite

Bai Xi's glittering and translucent skin, heiliang's relaxed show is sent, heavy lacquer looks, smile is gentle, temperament is elegant. Go up personally in Wang Nan, be in harmony is an organic whole health and beauty. At ordinary times, want not to train only, she can take out her most beautiful fashionable dress to put on, thin Shi Fendai, dress up beautifully. As a girl, loving the United States is very natural, serving as Nan of world champion king to follow common girl in this respect is same. In the life, wang Nan is a special love the United States also is met beautiful " common " the girl.
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